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Will Netflix Pick Up The Mist for Season 2?

Will Netflix Pick Up The Mist for Season 2?

The Mist is a Stephen King adaptation that was aired in 2017. The story was originally made into a movie and then into this TV series that aired on Spike and is now showing on Netflix. The news that The Mist was canned after a single season was news to nobody but is it the end? Will Netflix pick up The Mist for season 2? Will anyone?

Stephen King is having another golden era right now. After the first, with his books and the second with movies during the 1980s, it is now about movies and TV. With IT, The Dark Tower, Mr. Mercedes and the recent Under The Dome, the Carrie remake and likely others in production, it’s a good time to be Mr. King right now.

The Mist is another adaptation of one of his books. It centers around a strange mist that envelops the small town of Bridgeville, Maine. The town is surrounded by the thick mist and cannot see out. The mist doesn’t just subdue sound and light, it also contains monsters of all shapes and sizes that look to prey on the townsfolk.

It’s a typical Stephen King book. A character-led situation that brings out the worst and the best in people. That forces characters to examine themselves and sometimes find themselves wanting and either rise to the challenge or give in to their base desires. It is no less a story for being typical though. The book has the usual mix of small town characters, some with secrets, some with none and a situation that changes their view of the world and of each other.

The Mist TV show

The Mist follows most of the original book and the movies from 2007. Townsfolk are picked off in the mist whenever they go out so hole up in the local supermarket. Here the TV show diverts from the book by splitting the cast into three that stay in the mall, the police station and the church.

A core family are the main characters with supporting characters adding balance and interest. Morgan Spector plays Kevin Copeland, Alyssa Sutherland plays Eve Copeland and Gus Birney plays daughter Alex Cunningham. The supporting cast include Danica Curcic as Mia Lambert, Okezie Morro as Bryan Hunt and Luke Cosgrove as Jay Heisel. The case it large and varied but that family unit are where The Mist concentrates.

Also a departure is how The Mist handles the monsters. Rather than having just physical monsters as the enemy, there is a mixture of external and internal monsters to deal with. Each character has their own demons and their own issues and the show also tries to tackle wider social issues as it goes. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t universally successful.

It seems some characters are bipolar and will suddenly change for no explicable reason. We expect extreme circumstances to bring our different aspects of our personality but some of the changes in the town seem disjointed or unlikely to say the least. The adaptation is often clumsy and doesn’t handle certain aspects of the storyline very well at all. The Mist as the perfect opportunity to tackle current social challenges and doesn’t pull them off. Fortunately, these don’t detract too much from the storyline.

Will Netflix make The Mist season 2?

Spike didn’t want to make another season of The Mist and despite a petition, it doesn’t seem like anyone else does either. While the original story is worthy of a continuing series, it might just be better to let this version fade away and begin again in a few years’ time.

The cast is strong and features some good performances but the script, the production quality and the overall impression of The Mist isn’t great. It watches as a low budget show created for cable with half an eye on cost rather than quality. For those reasons I don’t think Netflix will want anything to do with it as it is.

There is a real appetite for character-driven stories right now and Stephen King is the master of these. He has written enough books to be adapted for the large or small screen without flogging a dead horse, which I think The Mist is. It’s a shame as I liked the cast and thought some of their acting was excellent. I think they were let down by the writing and the directing though.

I may be completely wrong. At the time of writing, there are no plans or hints of plans to continue The Mist into a second season. Not on Netflix or anywhere. It’s a shame but not entirely surprising once you sit through a couple of episodes of season one which is currently running on Netflix.

What did you think of The Mist? Should there be a season 2 or should it be left to fade into its own mist? Tell us your thoughts below.

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix Pick Up The Mist for Season 2?”

Peaches says:
Absolutely definitely we need a Season 2 of the The Mist! The finale of Season 1 was a cliff-hanger & really does need to continue. Please Netflix, do your magic again & create a show-stopper of a series?
Drew macIver says:
How is this even a debate? Make two versions of the mist. Take funding from any of the other disaster netflix originals. We need shows the teach people about people which the mist does very well with or without the monster storyline.

People. Come on now you know its true.

Jasmine D says:
I watched so many shows on Nexflix and the Mist is one of my favourites. Please make season 2, its a great show and needs to be continued. The reasons it wasn’t popular before was because not many people knew about it.
John Shepherd says:
Just watched it. It isn’t so bad like most critics panned it out to be. The story was only getting more interesting especially the finale. There are worse Netflix originals, I think The Mist would have a second life with Netflix’s resources backing it. But it’s been close to three years since The Mist was canceled and not a word bringing life back to the show has come up. This gives me little hope the show will get revived.
Karis says:
I’m a Stephen King fan and I have been loving the re-adaptations since a fair few of the early films were absolute shite. I’m so disappointed that there won’t be a second season and I’m sure it’s not just because of the tv ratings but also the fact that Weinstein also worked on the series.
Elveena says:
If Netflix sees this comment ever, please please please let there be second season of the Mist. I have no idea why people didn’t watch it, but the plot is intriguing and it has left us with so many thoughts and apprehensions. We want the Mist season 2.
Angela P says:
There needs to be a Season 2. I’m sure Netflix could do a good job of advertising with their wide reach, and get a good audience. They would also do an excellent job in production. The original cast is great. Netflix would do well to bring this series the ending it deserves.
Robbo says:
Come on Netflix great show and needs a finale, i.e season 2 or more. Netflix needs to stop picking up series that have no finish. It is really bugging me and many others
JoeDes says:
Since it’s been 2 years, there’s obviously no season 2 coming and that’s OK. It was mildly entertaining, but too disjointed. The movie was better, mostly because it had an ending.
Pouya says:
That was so awesome, I loved it, I hope there will be a season 2,
Ted says:
I hope there will be season 2 soon, I can’t wait
Cataliente says:
We NEED season 2!
Steve Giordano says:
WTF … no season two? it was just getting good. sheit
rob r says:
There needs to be a season 2 even if it is just 3-5 episodes to wrap up the story….this is like who shot JR and then end it there….what a load of crap. Get some gonads Netflix and give us some finality on this tale.
Bertha says:
I never liked this kind of movies or series but The mist got me hooked up since the beginning……. please make a second season I don’t have anything else to watch
Laurent says:
Absolutely season 2, this end is crap, cant end like this. Just finished season 1 now and i was hoping s2 is in the making. Please netflix pick it up for s2.
Dana Jordan says:
YES! Netflix should pick it up. I loved The Mist! There has to be a season 2! It’s a great show. Season 1 left us hanging. I mean, anyone who read the novella knows how it ends, but even still I think Netflix should pick it up!!!
Dennis Turvey says:
Need season two
Great show
Series that gets you hooked
Cant end like this
Christina Roberts says:
I loved the show, need more seasons!
K.t says:
Just finished season 1 and now i’m pissed that it got canceled! Netflix, please pick it up!!
Joanne nuttycombe says:
Cant believe season 2 isn’t in the making, season 1 had me gripped from the start. Season 2 is a must,PLEASE PEASE make a season 2
dc says:
Man!! A Season 2 would be an easy cash grab for us that need more weirdness in our lives. especially around Halloween! Please netflix or amazon or some other streaming service pick this up!
Jamal says:
I am so mad that I’m left hanging …I loved it….I love the whole mist concept….I need Netflix to continue we’re season one ended
Larry A Chase Jr says:
I think if Netflix wants to do a second season of the mist, they should do like scream the series in season 3, do a soft reboot and start from scratch and do justice to the book and movie.
James Laughlin says:
The mist season one was excellent and I found myself looking for more episodes on Netflix but just found out today this amazing show has no continuation! Please explain why such a show of this magnitude would be just cut off like that and not given the chance to continue as it should be!!! There are so many unanswered questions and the fact that the army opened a door between dimensions and other worlds coursing the mist to pass throught in an experienced that should never of happend but hasn’t even been touch on in the first season . Please continue this show and if any other episodes had been made to show that wasn’t is there a way to see them?
Ken says:
Real needs to be a season 2 . It’s a great show
Michelle Dyer says:
Please make a season 2
Brandon says:
Please make season 2. I felt the show was amazing and I would have Netflix just to watch it. The only thing I would want different in season 2 is more monsters, I didn’t feel like there was enough in season 1
Lisa says:
I really hope they come out with season 2. Season one was good but we need answers. Please bring season 2
George Joseph Geroux says:
Yes most definitely you don’t just end a season like that and not have an ending
Midori says:
I loved mist and have been hoping for the next season.
Dana says:
Please Netflix pick up season 2 I need more.
Dana k. says:
Yes season 2

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