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Will There Be a Money Heist Season 3 on Netflix?

Will There Be a Money Heist Season 3 on Netflix?

Did you watch Money Heist? Devoured seasons 1 and 2 and want more? Will there be a Money Heist season 3 on Netflix?

Yes there will. Netflix announced recently that the show will be coming back for another season.

Money Heist is a Spanish language show that was on Netflix and ended up being the most-watched foreign language TV show on the streaming service in forever. Called La Casa de Papel, House of Paper in Spanish and renamed Money Heist, the show follows a gang of criminals as they plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.

It is either dubbed in English or uses subtitles but neither of these should put you off watching this show. If you’re a fan of Heat, Point Break or movies or TV shows like it, this has a similar feel. The name really doesn’t do the show justice and is about as dull as they come but the show is anything but.

I had never heard of any of the cast before this show but each plays their part well. Álvaro Morte plays El Profesor, the mastermind of the heist while the supporting cast of Úrsula Corberó, Alba Flores, Itziar Ituño, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Paco Tous, Pedro Alonso, Darko Peric and others all support superbly.

The TV show was originally made in Spain and shown on their Antenna 3 channel back in 2017. Like many Netflix Originals, it wasn’t actually made by Netflix at all. The streaming service merely bought the rights to show it in other regions labeled as a Netflix Original.

Money Heist season 1

Money Heist season 1 is 13 episodes long and follows some career criminals as they plan and execute a heist of the Spanish Royal Mint. As you would hope, things don’t go quite to plan and things start to go wrong from halfway through the first episode. From minor personality clashes to psychological games, hostage situations, interplay and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Without giving too much away, what Money Heist does better than most other TV shows is flip your allegiance between the good guys and bad guys. One minute you’re rooting for the heist to go well and for the gang to get away with it. The next you’re rooting for the cops, hoping they can bust the gang and resolve the heist quickly.

The characters name themselves after cities in Reservoir Dogs style and it works very well. The interplay between characters would make Tarantino proud even if the slick dialog is nowhere near as polished as Mr. Wolf and the gang.

Money Heist season 2

Money Heist season 2 follows the team during the aftermath of the heist. The police are collecting evidence and closing in on the gang, someone gets captured, the gang try to win public support for the heist and someone gets injured during a situation later in the series. Then a cop has a relationship with El Professor to make things even murkier.

It’s a solid continuation that doesn’t have the same thrills and spills as the first season but is solidly written and well acted. The pace is slightly slower but there is a showdown at the end of the season that leaves you wondering if in fact there will be a season 3.

Money Heist season 3 on Netflix

For once I can provide specific details in one of these ‘will it be on Netflix’ pieces. Netflix has confirmed that Money Heist season 3 will arrive on July 19 2019.

“The vacation is over. ‘Money Heist returns July 19,” the company said in a statement.

The trailer doesn’t give much away:


We see a couple of the original crew relaxing on a Caribbean island somewhere and cops on their way to catch them. It doesn’t tell us much more than that, which is fine. We know El Professor is returning, presumably with a new heist in mind, or perhaps a rescue of those in the trailer after being caught. We don’t know anything yet aside from some of the original cast coming back.

Netflix has done very well out of Money Heist. Despite the lame name, despite it being in European Spanish, despite poor dubbing or having to read subtitles, this show has done extremely well across the world. The great acting, powerful script and the balance of those shifting allegiances I mentioned earlier make this a compelling watch.

Have you watched Money Heist? What did you think of it? Looking forward to season 3? Tell us your thoughts below!

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