Will Netflix or Amazon Pick Up Grimm Season 6?

Posted by Jamie on November 27, 2018

On paper, Grimm should never have been the hit it was. Yet another cop show procedural with a tenuous tie-in to the stories by the Brothers Grimm. However, thanks to some good casting, great scripts and compelling storylines it was a hit. It ran for six seasons on NBC before being axed by the network. So will Netflix pick up Grimm like they have other TV shows?

Grimm follows Detective Nick Burkhardt from Portland as he investigates increasingly gruesome murder scenes in his area. He begins seeing what can only be described as supernatural creatures and happenings that nobody else seems to see. He asks his only living relative about what he sees and finds out he is descended from supernatural hunters from bygone days called ‘Grimm’.

This premise could have gone very wrong. Fortunately it did not.

Grimm TV series

Now we know Nick Burkhardt can see undead people and supernaturals, the differences between Grimm and the usual run of police procedurals comes to the fore. With a series of interesting stories, we see Burkhardt walk a fine line keeping supernaturals in line and protect normal people from them.

This synopsis is barebones and intentionally so because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

Season one of Grimm sees the scene setting and character introduction. The pilot begins with a student murder and then moves on to shapeshifters, hypnotists, wolves, ogres, bigfoot and other mythical creatures before culminating with a woman in black.

Season two of Grimm builds on the storylines we had seen while adding an over-arcing plotline. We see more of Monroe and Hank Griffin this series along with plots to take down Burkhardt and more mythical creatures, including a neat version of Rumpelstiltskin who targets a video game developer.

Season three of Grimm sees Burkhardt deal with becoming a zombie, sort of, and trying to get back on side with Juliette now she knows the truth about him. Wedding bells are imminent as well as Monroe and Rosalee agree to tie the knot . All while following up on the continuing grisly murders and the royal family who form part of the longer story arc.

Season four of Grimm sees Burkhardt temporarily lose his powers, wedding bliss is not all roses and monsters and supernaturals are still attacking residents of Portland. The characters are now familiar and more plotlines are being added to keep us hooked. With new characters and new enemies, the action keeps on coming.

Season five of Grimm brings us a resurgent Burkhardt who finds out he is going to be a father. This season sees the return of characters, new villains and well-paced storyline progression in the fight with the Black Claw.

Season six of Grimm was shorter at only 13 episodes but is a culmination of all that preceded it. As Burkhardt faces a seemingly unbeatable enemy, he has to dig deep and deep into his past to beat them. It rounds off nicely leaving nothing undone.

Why did Grimm end?

According to rumors, Grimm just didn’t have the audience figures for a Friday night show to run indefinitely. With viewers running to around 7-8 million, it wasn’t enough to keep the show alive. Surprisingly, those viewer numbers were fairly consistent throughout all six seasons and showed that the show had a real core audience. Unfortunately, it seems not enough to keep it alive.

NBC didn’t announce the end either. The news came alongside other news, almost buried within other stories and updates. That didn’t go down well with fans either.

Likelihood of Netflix picking up Grimm?

Will Netflix pick up Grimm? It’s unlikely right now as there is better news to share. NBC announced earlier this year that they are developing a spinoff. The team includes original crew from Grimm and will follow different storylines using a similar premise. The spinoff will also have a female lead this time round.

‘Building off the mythology of the original series, the new show will feature returning fan favorites while also introducing new characters, new dangers and epic new mysteries.’

It’s unlikely that Netflix will get permission to make more Grimm while NBC are making a spinoff. It would become too confusing and may dilute the audience NBC hopes to capitalize on with their new show. Plus, the main actors are busy on other projects so wouldn’t be able to film.

Never say never though. The international interest and almost limitless storyline potential of the Bothers Grimm stories may mean we get to see more of them show in the coming years. Much depends what happens to this as-yet unnamed spinoff.

Did you enjoy Grimm? Want to see more?

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