Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Colony Season 4?

Posted by Jamie on November 15, 2018

Colony was one of the best post-apocalyptic TV series ever and will be sadly missed. With a great script, excellent acting, good directing and shooting and a unique viewpoint of life after the apocalypse, Colony was a must-see for any fan of sci-fi or TV in general. Sadly, the network behind it have said the series finishes at three. But will Netflix pick up Colony? Will we ever see a series four?

Colony ran on USA Network for three full seasons and did well if the internet is to be believed. It seems that online interest did not translate into viewers as the series was canned before its prime. That is unless another network picks it up or Netflix green lights it.

Colony TV series

The Colony TV series had an excellent script by industry veterans  Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal and arrived in 2016. It starred Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amanda Righetti and a range of other talent.

The premise was relatively simple. Earth in the near future, the Bowman family are trying to survive in a dystopian LA which has been occupied by invaders. The middle child is separated and the family have to decide how they get him back. An offer is made for Will, played by Josh Holloway, to work for the occupiers so he can try to find him from the inside. It doesn’t go well.

Season one of Colony began by scene setting and establishing the characters. The storyline is credible and balanced a swift moving storyline with enough time to invest in the characters. The main arc is all about juggling the maintaining of a family against fighting back against occupation.

It seemed Colony was given the thought and the budget required to do a good job of storytelling. There were lots of missed opportunities for a dialog that relates to present day and the way our country is heading but as a piece of entertainment, Colony really delivered.

Season two of Colony started by filling in some gaps about the invasion and about what happened to Los Angeles at the time. It moved swiftly on to the Bowmans and Will’s work as a Collaborator while he tries to find his son. That escalates as Will is then working against his wife Katie as they try to pursue their agenda while managing conflicting interests.

Season two had improved on the script and the overall story arc a lot. It forced you to answer your own questions while giving you just enough information and interest to want to do it.

Season three of Colony finds that months have passed since the Bowmans left Los Angeles. They are now living in a cabin in the woods with their family. They are chased away by Gray Hats and have to go on the run until they find a Resistance outpost. The cat and mouse game continues culminating in a choice as to which side to join between the invaders and resistance.

Season three showed us behind the scenes and the causes of the invasion. It also rounded out what is one of the best futuristic TV shows of our time.

Why did Colony end?

The honest answer to why Colony was brought to an end is that we don’t actually know. A Tweet from showrunner Ryan Condal tells us as much as we will likely know:

“Colonists, Thank you from the bottom of my stone heart for all your passion and effort. But, sadly, #Colony is dead. The reasons are complicated, mostly dumb, and would provide little comfort. But know that @WesTooke and I shall return with new things from new places.”

The efforts refer to the multiple petitions and activities the fans, or ‘Colonists’ launched to try to convince USA Network to change its mind.

Den of Geek had this to say:

“Colony got off to a strong start for USA. It was the most-watched scripted cable series on Thursday nights for its first two seasons. Then the show lost a crucial California tax credit and was forced to relocate to Vancouver, and ended up changing its storyline to accommodate the move. Since then, ratings slipped to among USA Network’s lowest.”

What’s the likelihood of Netflix picking up Colony?

I would guess that chances are high that Colony might be picked up by Netflix. It is a very entertaining show with an excellent script and an international fan base. While set in the US, it is about issues that transcend geography and will resonate with audiences from across the world. Plus, dystopian future TV shows still have a place in our viewing habits.

Nothing official has been said either way but of all of the TV shows axed this year, I would place Colony in the top ten percent of any show that could be resurrected by Netflix. If you want to influence the outcome, sign this petition, or this one to show your support.

17 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Colony Season 4?”

Nick Carpenter says:
Liked this show — a lot. Hope it returns; we need to win this war….
charles garvey says:
Watched the 3 seasons of Colony. With all the bad TV on these days, why would a great series like that be cancelled? I appreciated Netflix for bringing conclusion for another great series (Longmire) when it too was a popular and needed closure. Please bring back Colony.
Cenon Mayor says:
I will join the resistance to protect mankind inside the colony! Please pick up season 4 NETFLIX. I still can’t move on, can,t wait to see what’s next on colony episodes.
Shannon says:
Please bring this show back! It’st was much better than so many other shows out there and has way too many fans to be cancelled.
Millz says:
Please Netflix!!!!!!! Finish it with a banger! I’m begging you!!!! This show is too goooood!!
Becki Becker says:
Excellent show, please don’t give up!!
Kelly Coley says:
C’mon Netflix .. Green light Colony!
harlan says:
No idea how I missed this show but when I found it on Netflix I binged the first two seasons (all that are available here in Finland) then bought the third season on Amazon Prime. So disappointed to find it was cancelled. Love the show and am hoping that Netflix picks it up. Seems like just the kind of show that would do well there.
Steve says:
the colony definitely a show with a different angle. how do fight an enemy that’s not even on this planet LOVE IT Netflix should pick it up for season four
Caroline Clayson says:
What a great show for Netflix to resurrect please dont let it stop here
Shane Arnold says:
You cant just end colony like that, there is so much left, will bowman surrenders himself for the war and your going to end it with him being put in a stasis chamber. Dont get me staryed with the bombardment that hit seattle showing katie bowman looking at the destruction being laid waste in front of her. Come on netflix, this is a good series for you to pick up, so much is left to tell with this series. #Resurrect it, save Colony.
Julie says:
Just binge watched 2 seasons needed to see the 3rd. It’s a great show would love a 4th season!!!
europe says:
Could it be, that those who created the walls and are insisting in building new ones didn´t want a show to happen where resistance to central gouverment is the factory that produces heroes?
cg says:
You might be reading in to things a little too much…
Lew says:
Don’t let it die prematurely please
James Collett says:
Netflix, you know it makes sense.
Gary Freeborn says:
Awesome and intriguing with Great Acting and Writing and Directing.
Please SAVE COLONY!! SO many fans!!
Stanley says:
I sure hope Netflix picks this up.
Jason Belkov says:
Please Netflix pick up this show!

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