Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Colony Season 4?

Posted by Robert Hayes on March 22, 2019

Fans of the post-apocalyptic drama series “Colony” on USA Network Colony were devastated when the series was cancelled on July 21, 2018, after three successful seasons. The series premiered at ComicCon in 2015 and attracted immediate attention for its gripping storyline and well-drawn analogies to the French Resistance during WWII. Critics praised the show’s fresh take on a genre that has grown saturated with brainless “young adult” dystopian worlds and at least at first Colony earned good ratings, with 2.2 million viewers; over it’s first two seasons, Colony was the #1 scripted cable series on Thursday nights.

Unfortunately the show’s ratings declined in the third season, possibly in part because after failing to win a California tax credit for shooting in Los Angeles, filming was moved to Vancouver BC. The show may also have lost some focus as one of its co-creators and executive producers, Carlton Cuse, left the show to focus on his new Jack Ryan series for Amazon. During the third season the show dropped to 1.3 million viewers, one of the lowest average viewerships for dramatic programs on cable.

Is it possible that Colony will be brought back from the dead by Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service?

Colony TV series

The Colony TV series was well-written, with industry veterans Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal penning many episodes. The premise of the show was relatively simple: Earth of the near future has been occupied by alien invaders who have apparently taken over the entire planet, sealing off entire cities with enormous structures and essentially enslaving the populace. The main characters were the Bowman family, separated from their child and trying to survive while reuniting the family. The family patriarch, Will, (ably portrayed by Josh Holloway) is coerced into agreeing to work for the invaders, while his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) has become a member of the resistance.

Season one of Colony began by scene setting and establishing the characters. The storyline is credible and balanced a swift moving plot with good character development. The main plotline followed the struggle of the Bowman family to stay together, while fighting back against occupation.

Season two of Colony started by filling in some gaps about the invasion and about what happened to Los Angeles at the time of the alien incursion, before moving back to following the Bowmans as they struggle to find their son. The tension escalates as Will and Katie come into conflict, pursuing similar goals but with different means.

Season three of Colony skips ahead several months and reveals that the Bowmans left Los Angeles and are now hiding in a cabin in the woods before being forced on the run. They discover a Resistance outpost which leads to a dramatic season (and apparently series) finale as they must face a choice about what side to be on.

Why did Colony end?

Fans of the show never got a clearcut answer as to why the show came to an end, although speculation about causes was rampant and the show’s falling ratings do speak for themselves. Showrunner and executive producer Ryan Condal sent out a Tweet regarding the reasons for the cancellation, but provided little hard data, saying only “Colonists, Thank you from the bottom of my stone heart for all your passion and effort. But, sadly, #Colony is dead. The reasons are complicated, mostly dumb, and would provide little comfort. But know that @WesTooke and I shall return with new things from new places.”

The efforts refer to the multiple petitions and activities the fans, or ‘Colonists’ launched to try to convince USA Network to change its mind.

Den of Geek had this to say:

“Colony got off to a strong start for USA. It was the most-watched scripted cable series on Thursday nights for its first two seasons. Then the show lost a crucial California tax credit and was forced to relocate to Vancouver, and ended up changing its storyline to accommodate the move. Since then, ratings slipped to among USA Network’s lowest.”

What’s the likelihood of Netflix picking up Colony?

It isn’t impossible that Netflix or Amazon Prime would pick up Colony and resume making episodes. Streaming services are always hungry for content, and picking up an existing program with a fanbase is a decision that they have made before. It certainly seems true that USA Network is not interested in reviving the property; they are putting their time and energy into their new Purge series partnership with SyFy. There is a hardcore Colony fan base who have attempted to pressure the networks into a reboot with at least two different petitions. Between the two fan efforts, they have accumulated almost 10,000 signatures as of March 2019.

On the negative side of the ledger, shows like Colony are relatively expensive to produce. They use expensive special effects and are heavily reliant on location shooting, which adds to the budget. In addition, Colony attracted strong critical support but its ratings, while good for a cable show, were still on the small side. The fan effort of 10,000 signatures should be compared to the pre-Internet petition by hard-core Star Trek fans who successfully petitioned to win the classic show a reprieve from cancellation in 1968 and 1969. The Star Trek campaign generated more than a million letters – letters, written on pen and paper and sent through the mail. Colony’s fans, though steadfast and loyal, haven’t demonstrated the kind of public support that makes streaming network executives want to risk money on a show that already failed.

TechJunkie will of course continue following the story, and if there are future developments we will definitely report them. For now, Colony is dead, and there are no signs of a resuscitation on the horizon.

In the meantime, there are a lot of great shows still out there! We’ve got a roundup of the best thrillers on Netflix, the best standup comedians on Netflix, the best gangster movies on Netflix, the top 100 movies on Netflix, and of course the best shows of all types on Netflix. So you should be able to find something great to enjoy even if Colony doesn’t come back!

30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Colony Season 4?”

Mathew P Voice says:
Logan Johnson says:
I’m so pissed I’m over getting invested in a show just to have it canceled! The plot just really started picking up and we finally get to see an alien and they cancel it??? Bill ill never watch a show by these people again if they can’t finish what they start!
Hans Meyer says:
Another fan from Germany. A wonderful series with many messages between the lines. The actors did a very good job. It should be continued. Netflix could activate some crowdfunding, I would be happy to pay for this
Alies Richardson says:
Season 3 was EPIC! I thought also felt it had a better script than the first two seasons. Adding a voice here that it needs to be picked up and finished! It has been so great to have a good show to watch that doesn’t have people being raped or a sex scene every episode, but well written action and suspense. If we don’t get the ending of this show, please keep making shows that were this good!
David says:
I didn’t realize the show was canceled after binge-watching season 3. I am seriously disappointed. Don’t they realize a lot of folks wait until shows stream? I think their data is skewed. This show ended on a cliff hanger and we finally got to see some development in the story. The special effects have been some of the best I’ve seen for a tv series. It’s a shame to end the show the way they did. It had the potential for another season or more.
Crystal says:
Omg u are soo right. I just finished as well and pissed that they are cancelled. So is season 4 not even filmed? Yes
Erik says:
I also just binged season 3.. literally could not turn it off love the show.. bring it back spend that money Netflix/Amazon please!
Tara Thompson says:
Great show it does us fans an injustice to leave the story unfinished. Someone please finish the story.
Allot of us who stream our t.v. wait for shows to show up on Netflix before we can watch it. Since cable had out priced itself, those of us who love shows like The Colony look forward to that airing dates when it arrives on Netflix. Please bring it back if at all possible.
Kelsey says:
I’m praying someone picks this show up! My husband and I love it. Great stuff
Baconmaster says:
Great show. Just finished binging it on Netflix. Would definitely watch a season 4
Donna says:
I am totally disappointed….I just finished watching season 3. I waited patiently for season 3 on Netflix and now I am finding out that after season 4 it is over….I get tired of getting hooked on these syfy thrillers only to be left in the dust and wondering what happened. Please put this show back in motion…I love will bowman character….I watched him as Sawyer in lost…. he is so hot and my favorite.
Julie Morrison says:
You have to be kidding! I never even heard of the show until I saw it on Netflix and then I binge watched it not realizing it had been canceled already! No ending, total bs. This is why I stopped paying for cable and don’t usually watch shows until there are more than 3 seasons so I don’t get disappointed like this.
darren hankins says:
I love the show.. all the good show get washed away
Jhonx says:
Hope somebody pick up season 4. It should not end like this hanging, no clear ending on one of the best storylines. Human race has to be preserved, has to finish what it has started. Our next generation deserve this.
Corina says:
Love the show. Bring it back, at least as a short run series to tie up loose ends. Farscape and Firefly got that chance. I hope Colony does as well.
Cheryl L Bursa says:
Plese Netflix continue this. One of my favs. I love the characters and it was very so good. Please don’t mal that the end. It did not end right. It deserves that etleast. I so hope they have more seasons some how.
Barbara says:
Here is a great show called Colony. Great acting, great plot, good story line and creative writing. Ahhhhh what the heck. Let’s cancel it. And from now on make sure that the last chapter of a book you are reading has the last chapter ripped out.
Broussard Will says:
Let me get this straight, I just read an entire book and find out the last chapter had been torn out. No wonder people hate materialist. Bring it back or you will have opposition movement. This is all due to that greedy selfish Alan Snyder bastard! Should of known!
Teresa Reilly says:
I just finished season three and just went looking for season 4 release date and see it was cancelled! So disappointed ! Hope Netflix picks up story – this is a great story!
Allen says:
I doubt Netflix will. They’ve gotten into the habit of canceling good shows and failing to keep great shows in favor their own (at times) mediocre content.
Carlos says:
We are not asking for a fourth season, at least they should do like Firefly and give the true fans closing with a well written movie.
Don says:
Netflix could produce a movie to wrap things up, like Firefly’s Serenity.
Gail says:
Wow. Just finished Season 3. Fantastic cliff hanger. And then I find out that there’s no Season 4. Boo! Hiss! I’m going back to movies. Why would I invest my time in a Netflix series only to be left hanging. Should have learned my lesson with Sense8. You won’t fool me again Netflix.
Matt says:
@Gail Colony is not a Netflix show, it was a USA show, they cancelled it. Netflix may pick it up for another season
Fisher says:
How are u going end the show right before the major war coming, of three different groups. You can’t end a show that’s passed on the huge war to come so called THE GREATEST DAY, fans want to see the war and how it plays out. Canceling this show is a huge upset and disappointment. Please someone pick this show up for a final season.
Paul Stewart says:
No season 4? No ending episode? So tired of investing my time watching these tv series only to have them get cancelled mid form. Why can’t people finish what they start these days? Thats whats wrong with this world these days! No one wants to take responsibility. I agree with all of the other comments. So there’s nothing else i can say that hasn’t been said already! Come on Netflix! Do yourself and everyone else a favor and pick this up and finish what someone else couldn’t!
Forest says:
We have been losing too many of our favorite shows without conclusion! That’s freaking wrong! We give up a part of our lives to indulge in what you think is prosperous or not! At least give us some type of conclusion to the series. I don’t care if it’s one long episode or not. Sick and tired of watching any series on any platform that doesn’t finish their shows. Break the mold! Don’t be like the rest! Look out for the people, not your pocketbooks! Give us some type of follow through, I think we are worth the future investment! Otherwise what reason do we have to indulge in any New Creations that you guys have? You’re just going to take it away, right?
Rhonda says:
Why start a series and not finish it? If season 3 was going to be the end of the series why not have the series go out with a bang instead of the way it went. Every time there’s a decent series networks always have to say there was a decline in viewers and that’s something I don’t believe its true. Colony was a very good series and I would very surprised if Netflix will continue with it.
E. Bryan Hoover says:
Just finished season 3.

Watched the entire series on Netflix.

This type of show (Colony) keeps me watching Netflix — so stop canceling my shows.

Tannis says:
If you bring it back, they will watch! But on a more serious note.. This shows writing really stepped it up for season 3. Unfortunately t is like a lead into a great new chapter that you really can’t wait to see or read. This show really does need to be picked up by netflix. It might even add to their ever growing clientele. They need a few more shows like this.
Frank says:
Like others I hope Netflix will pick up the series. It is so disappointing when you get interested in a show and invest time watching it, then suddenly some execs decide no more. Makes me cautious about developing an interest in any network TV series, even ones I might like.
Linda B says:
Please bring it back!
Rhonda Horrobin says:
Netflix please pick up The Colony. I loved it and want to see more.
Julie A Haines says:
I totally agree with everyone. I loved Colony & the ending left you wondering what is going to happen please bring it back.
Kris says:
Please bring back Colony!
Dustin says:
If i knew this i wouldnt have kept watching i was looking forward to more it seems like eveytime theres a good show netflix cancels
Cindy Carr says:
That’s what I say. Please let’s get AMAZON or Netflix to pick this up. Share!
Fabiola says:
Netflix didn’t cancel it…USA did
Yo Luna says:
WTH? What kind of an ending was that? We deserve a decent ending. So disappointed.

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