Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Colony Season 4?

Fans of the post-apocalyptic drama series Colony on USA Network were devastated when the series was canceled on July 21, 2018, after three successful seasons. The series premiered at Comic-Con in 2015 and attracted immediate attention for its gripping storyline and well-drawn analogies to the French Resistance during WWII. Critics praised the show’s fresh take on a genre that has grown saturated with brainless “young adult” dystopian worlds and at first Colony earned good ratings, with 2.2 million viewers. Over the first two seasons, Colony was the #1 scripted cable series on Thursday nights.

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Unfortunately, the show’s ratings declined in the third season. Fans and critics speculated that this occurred partially because after failing to win a California tax credit for shooting in Los Angeles, filming was moved to Vancouver BC. The show may also have lost some focus as one of its co-creators and executive producers, Carlton Cuse, left the show to concentrate on his new Jack Ryan series for Amazon. During the third season, the show dropped to 1.3 million viewers, one of the lowest average viewerships for dramatic programs on cable. On July 21, 2018, the cancellation of Colony was announced; there would be no fourth season.

Is it possible that Colony will be brought back from the dead by Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service?

Colony TV Series

The Colony TV series was well-written, with industry veterans Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal penning many episodes. The premise of the show was relatively simple: Earth of the near future has been occupied by alien invaders who have taken over the entire planet, sealing off entire cities with enormous structures and essentially enslaving the populace. The main characters were the Bowman family, separated from their child and trying to survive while reuniting the family. The family patriarch, Will, (ably portrayed by Josh Holloway) is coerced into agreeing to work for the invaders, while his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) has become a member of the resistance.

Season one of Colony began by setting up the background and establishing the characters. The storyline was credible and balanced a swift-moving plot with good character development. The main plotline followed the struggle of the Bowman family to stay together while fighting against occupation.

Season two of Colony started by filling in some gaps about the invasion and about what happened to Los Angeles at the time of the alien incursion, before moving back to following the Bowmans as they struggle to find their son. The tension escalates as Will and Katie come into conflict, pursuing similar goals but by different methods.

Season three of Colony skips ahead several months and reveals that the Bowmans left Los Angeles and are now hiding in a cabin in the woods before being forced on the run. They discover a Resistance outpost which leads to a dramatic season (and series) finale as they must face a choice about what side to be on.

Colony Character & Season Summaries

We don’t want to give away too much for those who haven’t watched the show, but here is basic information about the characters and the plotlines of the first three seasons.

Major Characters

Will Bowman – Played by Josh Holloway. Will Bowman is a former FBI Agent and Army Ranger who is searching for his missing son, Charlie.

Katie Bowman – Played by Sarah Wayne Callies. Katie Bowman is Will Bowman’s wife, who secretly works for the Resistance.

Alan Snyder – Played by Peter Jacobson. Snyder is the initial governor of the Los Angeles area and works openly with the aliens.

Maddie Kenner  – Played by Amanda Righetti. Kenner is Katie Bowman’s younger sister.

Eric Broussard – Played by Tory Kittles. Broussard is a resistance operative and is Katie’s contact.

Bram Bowman – Played by Alex Neustaedter. Bram is Will and Katie Bowman’s teenage son.

Grace Bowman – Played by Isabella Crovetti. Isabella is Will and Katie Bowman’s preteen daughter.

Charlie Bowman – Played by Jacob Buster. Charlie is Will and Katie Bowman’s younger son, who was away from the family when the aliens invaded and the wall went up.

Recurring Characters

Alexander Quayle – Played by Paul Guilfoyle. Quayle is a leader of the LA resistance.

Amy Leonard – Played by Peyton List. A physician in the resistance.

Betsy – Played by Keiko Agena. A worker at Homeland Security.

Bob Burke – Played by Toby Huss. Will Bowman’s partner at Homeland Security.

Bolton Miller – Played by Carl Weathers. Bolton is a Homeland Security officer who works with Will Bowman.

Charlotte Burgess – Played by Kathryn Morris. Maddie’s boss.

Dan Bennett – Played by Christian Clemenson. The head of Homeland Security.

Eckhart – Played by Charlie Bewley. A member of the LA resistance.

Everett Kynes – Played by Wayne Brady. Head of the Seattle colony.

Helena Goldwyn – Played by Ally Walker. Goldwyn later becomes governor of the LA colony.

Hennessey – Played by William Russ. A former spy.

Hudson – Played by Cooper J. Friedman. Hudson is Maddie Kenner’s son, who has diabetes.

Jennifer McMahon – Played by Kathleen Rose Perkins. A Homeland Security Agent.

Lindsey – Played by Erin Way. Gracie Bowman’s tutor.

Morgan – Played by Bethany Joy Lenz. A member of the LA resistance.

Noa – Played by Meta Golding. A member of a resistance cell from outside LA.

Nolan Burgess – Played by Adrian Pasdar. An important figure in the occupational government.

Phyllis – Played by Kathy Baker. Phyllis is Will Bowman’s boss at Homeland Security.

Rachel – Played by Kim Rhodes. Rachel is a resistance member and physician.

Scott Garland – Played by John Hoogenakker. A military officer hunting resistance members in California.

Sgt. Jenkins – Played by Mac Brandt. A guard in a labor camp.

The Plot Of Season 1

In season 1, we are introduced to the Bowman family, most of whom live in the occupied Los Angeles colony. Will is coerced into working for Homeland Security as an agent by threats to send his family to the Factory, a lunar outpost where slave laborers work to mine radioactives for the aliens. Kate Bowman sides with the Resistance and begins working against the occupiers and spying on her husband. Will begins to question Kate’s loyalties as events unfold. At the end of the season, the resistance captures a high-valued hostage and the LA block is placed on lockdown.

The Plot Of Season 2

Power dynamics inside the LA colony shift as various factions make different plays for power. Charlie Bowman returns home, while Katie struggles with whether or not to stay part of the Resistance. The Bowmans begin looking for ways to escape from Los Angeles. The family discovers that the entire colony is scheduled to be sent to the factory on Luna, and escapes into the wilderness.

The Plot Of Season 3

The Bowmans are living a simple existence in the mountains when an alien ship under attack flies past their cabin. Will and Katie attempt to re-establish contact with the resistance and seek out the Seattle colony. Civil war looms as the season ends on a cliffhanger note.

Why Did Colony End?

Fans of the show never got a clear-cut answer as to why the show came to an end, although speculation about causes was rampant and the show’s falling ratings speak for themselves. Showrunner and executive producer Ryan Condal sent out a Tweet regarding the reasons for the cancellation, but provided little hard data, saying only: “Colonists, Thank you from the bottom of my stone heart for all your passion and effort. But, sadly, #Colony is dead. The reasons are complicated, mostly dumb, and would provide little comfort. But know that @WesTooke and I shall return with new things from new places.”

The efforts refer to the multiple petitions and activities the fans, or ‘Colonists’ launched to try to convince USA Network to change its mind.

Den of Geek had this to say:

Colony got off to a strong start for USA. It was the most-watched scripted cable series on Thursday nights for its first two seasons. Then the show lost a crucial California tax credit and was forced to relocate to Vancouver, and ended up changing its storyline to accommodate the move. Since then, ratings slipped to among USA Network’s lowest.”

What’s The Likelihood Of Netflix Picking Up Colony?

It isn’t flatly impossible that Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service will pick up Colony and resume making episodes. Streaming services are always hungry for content, and picking up an existing program with a pre-existing fan base is a decision that’s been made before.

It certainly seems true that USA Network is not interested in reviving the property; they are putting their time and energy into their new Purge series partnership with SyFy. There is a hardcore Colony fan base who have attempted to pressure the networks into a reboot with at least two different petitions. Between the two fan efforts, they have accumulated almost 25,000 signatures as of July 2019.

On the negative side of the ledger, shows like Colony are relatively expensive to produce. They use expensive special effects and are heavily reliant on location shooting, which adds to the budget. And although Colony attracted strong critical support from its audience, the loyal fanbase remained relatively small. Critical success is great for a cable show, but it isn’t what pays the bills.

Still, those loyal fans haven’t given up. The Colony community’s petitions of 25,000 signatures should be compared to the pre-Internet petition by hard-core Star Trek fans who successfully petitioned to win the classic show a reprieve from cancellation in 1968 and 1969. The Star Trek campaign generated more than a million letters – letters, written on pen and paper and sent through the mail. Unfortunately, Colony’s fans, though steadfast and loyal, haven’t demonstrated the kind of public support that makes streaming network executives want to risk money on a show that has already failed.

TechJunkie will, of course, continue following the story, and if there are future developments we will definitely report them. For now, Colony is dead, and there are no signs of resuscitation on the horizon.

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Colony Season 4?”

Avatar Deniz says:
Colony is amazing. I am sure most of the people who watched it on Netflix will agree with me. Netflix is a global streaming platform and i bet the fame of the show is so great now that Netflix may surprise us all. Fingers crossed… =)
Avatar Maximilian J West says:
I thought season three was great. I was good with the switched location and evolution of storyline
Avatar J. Faybish says:
Netflix should NOT bring on shows with no end. Netflix: don’t waste your (and our) money on such shows, it does not buy you credits. This is one hell of a sure way to lose viewership and membership. A sure way to gain viewership and membership is to create a final season with a real ending.
Avatar Jeff says:
They didn’t actually. They picked up a show in active production and presented each season after it was aired on USA Network. I guess we could argue that since USA Network canceled it without an ending maybe Netflix should have dropped it immediately, but maybe Netflix paid for a few years of exclusivity way back before USA Network canceled it.
Avatar Terence Sung says:
I happen upon this series on Netflix and then I couldn’t stop watching and was disappointed to find out that there won’t be a season 4 leaving us with a big cliff hanger at the end… I hate it. NETFLIX, please help pick up season 4. It’s one of the reasons I love netflix for having picked up shows like this but few others in the past being cancelled prematurely is really sad.
Avatar J. Faybish says:
Great comment, Jeff, and my answer is: Policy! TV networks’ audience is a real-time audience, and they live on advertising revenue. Netflix’s audience is a (much larger) off-line audience and Netflix lives on Their (our) direct contributions as members, thus we pay their existence and they should listen to us. They should have a policy of NOT purchasing any show which is a continuous story (not chaptered, each chapter with a reasonable ending) unless this “story” has an end. And if it means waiting until season 7… so be it. Listen, Netflix is like a library, its books are movies. Would you be member in a library where for every book that you “buy” with your invested (viewing) time there is a chance that the last chapter is missing and no one told you in advance? I would rather be member in a NetflixOther where either they assure me there is not ever an end chapter missing OR at least they allow me to choose if I want to start viewing such an incomplete “book” by telling me up-front.
Avatar K woods says:
Im from Australian & have just come cross Colony on Netflix. My huaband & I are hooked and it wasn’t until we started watching season 3 we found out there wont be a season 4! Please do a seson 4. It will be popular. At least 1 more season to have a closing ending.
No one really knew about Colony until now and people are devastated with how it ended.
Avatar Steve F says:
Best Sci Fi series that I have ever watched. The Human struggle against what appears to be overwhelming odds was portrayed brilliantly. You cannot just walk away from such a storyline in the way that it was! There is the huge potential to finale. Does the human race help the Aliens to win and what is the result of that? Do the Alien hosts leave us in peace after the war, or do we have to fight to then beat them too? Lots of scenarios, lots of action. Netflix, Amazon, see sense and grab this one now…
Avatar Przemo says:
I watched all the episodes in 3 days (eh this epidemic) and I want to watch season 4. But I think you can guess why they canceled it. The main character becomes a fighting machine so the season would be pure action. Fighting aliens in space, air and on earth requires enormous financial outlays on CGI and specialists in this kind of films. So they gave us the text: guess it yourself.
Avatar Jessica says:
I watched all three season in one go just finished last episod please bring the colony back im ova shows being cancelled especially when they are good z nation is one and now the colony this is a joke we have enough going on with the convid virus and now shows are being cancelled just bring them back
Avatar Vincent Bezzina says:
I hope there is a 4th season. I think part of the problem is that the family is essentially looking out for themselves and have caused the deaths of many. But they played the blood price – the writers got that right.

The treachery and the mind games are very well done .. the whole plot is a CIA wet dream, a superior intelligence wanting to exploit resources would definitely act this way. There was many parallels with earths history, nit just the french resistance but a lot of what happened in South America with the conquistadors and the more savvy would see a lot of parallels with many countries leadership collaborating with external powers in the exploitation of their resources – an all too common scenario in Africa,

The show is actually getting better – i wish there was more about the aliens but with season 3 there is more focus on the aliens and less dithering around with personal drama.

At this point everyone kind of guessed what is going on with the pods – so scratch that itch .. reveal more.

Also the factories – something interesting is going on there .. was it a factory Eric and Madeline stumbled on. Time to show us what goes on inside!

Avatar Sufian says:
Netflix should definitely pick it up for Season 4. The show has tons of potential.
Avatar Kent A Reynolds says:
Colony was riveting in Seasons 1 and 2 but lost its way in Season 3 and ended poorly. I believe series are successful when the audience identifies with the characters and cares about their fate. By the end that was increasingly difficult, even though Sarah and Josh were outstanding in their portrayal of Katie and Will. If it returns, they will have to reestablish the compelling drama of the their characters individually and as a couple.
Avatar Michelle says:
Come on I guess we have to count on Netflix to pick up season 4 of colony we are counting on you Netflix
Avatar Tom says:
A fourth season will need expensive FX for a serie. A theater movie could be more relevant.
Avatar Sirdumbdumb69 says:
This is the best show I’ve seen on Netflix and it’s not a lie at all. The plot the theme the characters it’s all amazing. Please Netflix pick up the rights and keep it going
Avatar Sergio says:
Netflix should pick it up.. it’s a great show… I was disappointed that it ended with a huge cliff hanger. USA network must have not advertised it right because I would have watched it when it was on the air.
Avatar Jason Racey says:
Awesome show, hope for a season 4
Avatar Rachel says:
We just finished watching season 3. I agree that this was one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time. Please bring it back.
Avatar Augusto says:
Where do I sign? please don’t let it die
Avatar Diane says:
I just got finished watching all three seasons of the Colony. I didn’t even know it existed but I’ll tell you it was great and to see it end like this is ridiculous. This needs a season four! Someone needs to pick this up and finish this storyline.
Avatar Sam barnes says:
Please pick up the colony
Avatar Bodie says:
Bring back colony you cant let it end like that
Avatar Desari Gilmore says:
I agree! Please bring Colony back. I just finished watching season 3 didn’t realize there would be no season 4. Don’t leave it with such a huge cliffhanger. Please bring it back!
Avatar Charmaine says:
Just finish watching this, wishyou would do last season to give it a ending.
Avatar Andrea Householter says:
Love this show. Bring it back.
Avatar Elena says:
Bring it back! I’m demanding it! We need to see the end of this story!
Avatar Jane says:
I hope that season 4 is a go. Great story line, it is one of the best shows that I have seen in quite awhile. Its like a good book that you can’t put down. Please start production ASAP
Amazon, Netflix get on it.
Avatar Rony says:
Bring it backkkkkkk! Colony is the BEST content I’ve seen since a long time!
Avatar Dbailey says:
Yes I agree. 2 that come to mind are Jericho and the Dome. You get invested in them and then then boom. Gone. I’m now starting to watch Vwars on Netflix. Hope it doesn’t end up the same way!!!
Avatar Tony Pacheco says:
Netfix e Primevideo não respeitam seus clientes e enchem suas plataformas com seriados que podem ou não ter um final. Isto é simplesmente falta de respeito com a clientela. Se há dúvida sobre uma série ser sucesso ou não, que se crie um plano B. E qual é este plano B? Providenciar um capítulo final, nem que seja de uma hora, para colocar um fim à trama. Do jeito que fizeram com Colony é pura maldade e falta de respeito.
Avatar Kristi says:
Bring back COLONY! I Love this show and I’ve told everyone I know to watch it and now I find out it was not renewed for another season. I need closure! So disappointed in Netflix!
Avatar Stella says:
We only found Colony recently and are totally hooked – are halfway through Season 3 and devastated that we only have a few more episodes to watch. Totally addictive show – please bring it back
Avatar TJ says:
Same with me. I recently discovered it … last night. Currently on Episode 8 of Season 2. Decided to look into when season 4 would be out and was bummed to see its been cancelled. The best chance for the show is that enough viewers watch it and it stays at top of trends across Netflix for a while. They may decide to bring it back to life. Would be great if they did!
Avatar Pablo says:
I hope another network will pickup Season 4 – if it doesn’t go well, they could at least bring closure to the storyline (e.g. Battlestar Galactica)
Avatar Terry Fraser says:
I’m getting sick and tired of investing in tv shows that cancel without an ending.
Avatar Diane says:
I only discovered this show last weekend. I’ve been watching anywhere from 7-9 episodes a night, only to find I’m down to the last three episodes and that’s it. I was one of those people who wrote in about Star Trek when they cancelled it. But I was living in the married student housing, so I took my letter around and had everyone sign it. There is an old advertising adage that “for every one person who calls or writes in, there are 10,000 who feel the same way, but didn’t.” A really good show. It’s a shame. A real shame. Such is power.
Avatar Jeff says:
You are watching 5 hours of TV a night? Dang!
Avatar Dana Diane Baker says:
I watch a lot of Netflix. It’s bc of shows like Colony that keep me coming back. I can not believe they dropped the show where they did!
Please bring it back!! Please Wayne Brady do something!
Avatar Maurice says:
Yea im thinking the story line caught the attention of some people way at the top and was too close to what might be on the horizon with the upcoming Alien invasion deception and rise if the Anti Christ.
Avatar Randy Thomas says:
The show was smart enough to run for another 6 seasons. Hell Seinfeld ratings dropped below the marks before. I have no reason to why more people are not pushing for season 4 of Colony. If there was more coverage on the cancellations to the public. Instead of having to right for ot. Most probably expect Netflix or Amazon Prime to pickup the show. Just do more product placement like TWD, and the cost for effects would be covered and then some. And stop being so greedy would help as well.
Avatar Amalia Ayala says:
Why is the program the Colony beeing cancelled? It is such an aeesome program how are we supposed to know what happens. Netflix needs to pick this program up as soon as posible.

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