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Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Taken Season 3?

Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Taken Season 3?

At first glance, Taken seems a lame attempt at cashing in on the Liam Neeson movies of the same name. Yet once you watch an episode or two, you realize that the prequel as this TV show is could be pretty good. Now NBC has canned it, will Netflix pick up Taken?

I hope so but I doubt Netflix will pick it up. It didn’t review well and didn’t get the numbers of viewers that made it a viable option for NBC so I’m not sure it has the appeal or following of some of the other canceled shows Netflix has picked up in the past.

Taken the TV show

Taken is set before the movies and follows former Green Beret and CIA agent Bryan Mills as he learns his new trade and has to deal with some tragedy. The TV show ran for two seasons of 10 episodes each before being axed by NBC last year.

The original showrunner, Alexander Cary left after season 1 and new guy Greg Plageman had different ideas he wanted to explore in season 2. This led to Gaius Charles, Brooklyn Sudano, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Michael Irby, Jose Pablo Cantillo, and James Landry Hébertwill all leaving the show. Even though the director of the Taken movies, Luc Besson stayed on as executive producer, it wasn’t enough to save the show.

Taken stars Clive Standen as Bryan Mills, Jennifer Beals as Christina Hart, Gaius Charles as John, Monique Gabriela Cumen as Vlasik and James Landry Hébert as Hebert. The cast is probably the highlight of this TV series. Each character is well cast and very capable. The chemistry between the main protagonists is realistic and they all seem to gel well on screen. It’s a shame that they fragmented for season 2 as I think it would have been much better received than it was had the original cast remained.

Taken season 1

Taken season 1 is the origin story of Bryan Mills where we see the ex-Green Beret begin his CIA career and watches his sister get killed in a terrorist attack. The attack was revenge from Carlos Mejia, a Mexican drug lord whom Mills had operated against in his army days and somehow he was able to be traced and his sister attacked and killed. The rest of the season follows Mills as he trains and gains new skills and goes after Mejia.

The rest of the season develops as Mills gradually climbs the ladder to Mejia while working for the CIA, shooting bad guys and saving the world.

Season 1 is a formulaic journey that we have all seen before. Clive Standen is a credible actor but doesn’t have the presence of Liam Neeson or the acting ability.

Taken season 2

Taken season 2 develops Mills’ character more by placing him in a Mexican prison. He promptly escapes but is involved in a plane crash with a murder witness played by Alexander Draper. They have to survive the elements and hunters to get home. Then the series turns into standard CIA vs terrorists faire with Mills hunting various bad guys for various reasons to make America safer.

Even though the original story has evolved into a procedural, the acting and screenwriting is good enough to carry you through. The change in direction from season 1 is a little disappointing but there is only so much origin story you can tell over 20 episodes. As long as you don’t think you’re getting sophisticated storytelling or amazing acting, you won’t be disappointed with Taken. Homeland this is not.

Will Netflix continue Taken?

Will Netflix continue Taken? I don’t think so. Whenever Netflix has picked up a previously canceled TV show, that show has had a cult following or some appeal that makes it worth investing in. Taken has nothing original, no hook that will attract new viewers and no unique feature that sets it apart from other TV shows just like it.

We have all see TV shows on the war on terror and while it works well, it has limited appeal both domestically and internationally. Outside the US, the CIA doesn’t have a great reputation and global audiences are a little jaded at yet another American saving the world.

Setting the TV show as a prequel and the cast were the saving grace of Taken. The movies were excellent and the character played by Neeson was believable. Origin stories always work well, nearly always anyway. Poor reviews, low Rotten Tomatoes scores and mediocre Metacritic scores didn’t do the series any favors either.

Did you watch the Taken TV show? Like it? Hated it? Tell us your thoughts below!

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Taken Season 3?”

Brenda Mackey says:
Please bring back Taken for season 3. I was glued to the TV..EXCITING, MOVING AND GREAT ACTION MOVIE. Hate the way the end leaves us hanging
Leigh Coles says:
Love the series Taken, it is just taking off here in the UK. Everyone I know has just started binge watching it. Bring it back on Netflix, they need to do something because since the pandemic there is less and less to watch on Netflix
Kapil says:
Bring it back for season 3. It’s brilliant
Kc Barbionts says:
We liked it keep it coming
Yeah! Bring it back! at least end it right
Cindy Leaper says:
We need season 3…
Lisa says:
I hope Netflix picks up Taken for Season 3. It hits the right marks that continue the Liam Neeson Trilogy movie vehicle of the same name.
It’s a bit of a slow burn for several episodes jn season 1, but is successful with keeping us interested in the main protagonist Bryan’s prequel storyline as played charismaticĺy by Clive Standen, and Bryan’s s team led by a strong female boss played convincingly by Jennifer Beal.
I know there’s many fans who will be glued to their seats eagerly waiting for the finish needed in a season 3! Bring it on Bryan, we need you to find us!
Kim Mcnatt says:
Taken was an awesome show ? I just finished watching season 2. Please bring Taken back for another season or more. You cant get leave us hanging with the way season 2 ended.
Allan says:
Yes. Loved it. Hoping for season 3.
Steve says:
I hope there is season 3 season 2 end with a cliffhanger I can not wait to see what happens in season 3 come on Netflix show season 3
Helen Scheuplein says:
Loved the show. Hoping that Netflex will due a season 3. It kept my attention and I am a girl. So that should say something in its favor.
Robin Stanley says:
Just finished Season 2. Pathetic to leave your fans hanging out there with no follow up. Never mind the revenue. Bring it back, please!
Denise McMahan says:
Please Netflix pick up season 3
Steve Cederquist says:
This show is AMAZING why wouldn’t you bring it back ??? It has a great cast and many angles the storylines can go.
Carla Couch says:
So hoping for a season 3 as well! Great cast, strong individual story lines and exotic location shoots make each episode a great ride!
Shaun says:
Please don’t leave the origin story of Brian Mills unfinished. The show is great and the cast is amazing. There is still so much left uncovered after season 2. BRING IT BACK!!!!!
barb says:
Loved Taken.
Please make season 3
Brian says:
Season 2 was better because Bryan Mills is a “go it alone” type of guy and in season 1, he wasn’t the main character. Love the show, and Clive Standen has the look of Liam Neeson. Bring this series back with the same premise of Season 2.
Wayne Pollock says:
Really a great show. Bring it on season 3 ,4 5 ,6, and more.
Helen says:
Annoying that they pig these things on Amazon Prime and then can it without ending it properly!!! Leave it open for new season then just leave us hanging!!
Les says:
Loved the series. Definitely want a season 3 and 4. Sometimes you can’t pay attention to how its viewed outside the U.S. As Americans love to watch their country fighting so hard for what is right. Especially in today’s times, keep the pro-U.S. sentiment alive.
Please bring this shows and those like it back!!!
Alisa bergeron says:
We need a season 3 and 4
Stormy Magiera says:
We need @jessicabeals to return and deliver us a third season
john says:
love the show wish there was a 3rd season, i will admit I was not so keen on the team going from a full set to 4 people but season 2 was still captivating. I also just hate when they leave a story unfinished and hanging from a cliff.
Chris says:
I believe the TV shows are much better than the movies! Season 1 & 2 were great and both casts are awesome, especially the leads! They have chemistry and they gel well together! If I had money t invest, I would definitely fund Season 3! NetFlix should take a run at it!
Tony Dodds says:
Taken TV series one and two, I thought were really good and entertaining. I was really looking forward to a season three.

Do not understand how the viewing figures were allegedly so low. All my family and friends watched it and thought it was a very good TV series.

There definitely needs to be a series three.

We fans love the series Taken.

Please consider series three!

Vicky westleigh says:
Love this series , season 3 needs to be on this
Jasmine says:
Really loved the series! Please bring it back. So many loose ends! My BF & BFF are watching the series rt now.
Janet Sackett says:
I love the show and am so,disappointed they’ve cancelled series 3. I need to see if Christina recovers and is there a little romance brewing with her and Brian? So much more to explore. Please bring it back!
Barbara says:
I am loving this show. What a find. It’s much better than the movie. Typical of the network to axe it though. What a shame.
Maybe someone could take another look at “Taken”?
Barbara says:
I am loving this show. What a find. It’s much better than the movie. Typical of the network to axe it though. What a shame.
Tracy says:
I really liked taken, actually, better than the over done movies. Hoping for season 3.
Angela Toppino says:
My husband and I absolutely love this show. It is one of the few shows that bring us all together. We all look forward to watching the next episode. We get pretty intense yelling at the screen and trying to prove the other wrong.
Netflix should absolutely pick up the 3rd season; there is so much more that can be added to the storyline… or are the writers scared? Do they think they can’t write a creative, addictive storyline? ‍♀️
Robert Allen says:
Loved Taken and have just finished season 2. Please bring back with season 3. Great show and hard not to binge watch.
Angus Macaskill says:
Couldn’t get enough of it …season 3 please
Nan Riekert says:
Absolutely loved it. Please do a season 3
Shell says:
Please more seasons
James Sly says:
Would love to see a season 3 – watched both seasons twice.
Vivian Collins says:
Love Taken, please continue.

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