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Nexus 6P: How To Fix Camera Failed Problem

Nexus 6P: How To Fix Camera Failed Problem

Some owners of the Nexus 6P have reported that their camera has failed when trying to take a picture. This is most likely to happen if you’ve had heavy camera usage for several days that may lead to this problem. This camera problem will show a message saying “Warning: Camera Failed” – and the your Nexus 6P camera stops working. Some people think that they can fix the problem by factory resetting the smartphone, but it most cases this won’t fix the camera failed problem on Nexus 6P. Below we’ll explain a few ways that you can solve the Nexus 6P camera not working.


How to Fix Nexus 6P Camera Failed Problem:

  • The first thing you can attempt is to restart your smartphone. At the same time hold the “Home” button and the “Power” button for 7 seconds. Then wait for the phone to turn off and vibrate once. Next go to the Settings app, tap on Application manager and open the Camera app. Then tap on Force stop, clear data and clear cache.
  • If that doesn’t work, another solution would be to clear the cache partition, this should fix the camera failed problem on Nexus 6P. You can do this by pressing and holding at the same time the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons. Once the phone vibrates, let go of the buttons and then you’ll see the Android system recovery screen to show up. Next highlight the Wipe Cache partition with Volume down button and hit the Power key to choose the option.


If for some reason the solutions above don’t help solve the camera failed problem on Nexus 6P, then it’s suggested that you go to a retailer and have them check the phone out and see if you can get it replaced.


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Mar 2, 2016

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