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Not Getting Texts On LG G7 (Solved)

Not Getting Texts On LG G7 (Solved)

Have you encountered any texting issue with your LG G7 handset? Then this guide is strictly for you. The most common problem LG G7 users experience with their handset is the failure of sending and receiving text messages from your handset to another one. Commonly, this concern can be categorized into two types.
The first type is that your LG G7 isn’t able to get any text messages or SMS from a sender who utilizes any LG phones. The second one is the inability of your smartphone to send out SMS or text messages to BlackBerry, Windows, or Apple recipients, which by all means is worse than the first one.

These two issues are possible only if you’ve been utilizing iMessage on your iPhone then you decided to change your phone into an LG G7, hence transferring the SIM card to it. If you are one of the owners of LG G7 who have disremembered to disable the iMessage on their iPhone before shifting their SIM to their newly bought LG G7, other iOs receivers are still capable of utilizing iMessage in order to send you a text message or an SMS. In this article, we will be teaching you how to fix this texting issue of your LG G7 and shall live to your expectations as your trusted smartphone how-to website.

Steps on How to Resolve the Texting Issues on your LG G7

  1. Pull out the SIM card from your LG G7 then transfer it to your old iPhone
  2. After doing it, sync your iPhone to a mobile data connection such as 3G, 4G or LTE
  3. Head down to the settings then search for iMessage. Once there, deactivate it
  4. Now, eject your SIM card from your iPhone then put it back to your LG G7
  5. Now, you’re good to go! You’ll be able to get a text message or an SMS on your LG G7

Keep in mind that if you currently don’t have the Apple phone you’ve used in the past for the SIM card, hence you aren’t able to disable the iMessage. If by chance it occurs, another method you can do is access the Deregister iMessage page then disable there your iMessage. After that, proceed to the lowermost part of the menu then pick the option “No longer have your iPhone?”. Beneath this list, pick your region then type in your phone number. Lastly, tap the Send code option. Input the code in the “Enter Confirmation Code” field then hit the Submit button, and you’re all done!
After performing this steps, you are now able to receive or sent out text message or SMS from any kind of phones, like LG smartphones, Windows, Blackberry, Apple, etc.

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