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How To Screen Mirror On LG G7

How To Screen Mirror On LG G7

Having your LG G7 associated with a television not just influences your user experience significantly more amazing, it likewise helps your hand from being tired while holding your LG G7 and viewing your most loved anime or series! In this guide, we’ll be showing you two methods on the best way to Screen Mirror your LG G7 to your television. Utilizing the correct tools and software, this fantasy of yours is within your reach.

If this is the first time you’ve heard the term or not, it’s essential to know what it is. Screen Mirroring (often called as screencasting), is a feature on your LG G7 that enables you to mirror your LG G7’s activity to your television screen. This feature mirrors on your television what you are exactly doing at the moment on your phone. Try imagining the scenario of you playing your most loved Android application on a larger display? That would be amazing, right?

You should open the syncing for screen mirroring on both your tablet/smartphone and your television altogether for the syncing to work effectively. If you are now ready, let’s now proceed to the method of activating the Screen mirroring feature of your LG G7 for you to encounter it first hand.

Screen Mirroring your LG G7 via Wireless Connection

  • Acquire anLG G7 Allshare Hub, then sync it with your television utilizing a standard HDMI cable
  • Afterwards, connect the Allshare Hub and your LG G7 to a similar Wireless connection
  • Head down to the Settings app, then select the Screen Mirroring option

In the event that you own a Smart TV, the need for an All Share Hub isn’t required.

Screen Mirroring your LG G7 via Hard-Wired Connection

  • Purchase a MHL connector that’s compatible with your LG G7
  • Plug the adapter to your smartphone
  • Connect it to a power source
  • Utilizing a standard HDMI cable, plug your connector to the HDMI port of your television
  • Set your TV to show video from the HDMI port you’ve plugged onto it. At that point you’re good to go!

If you happen to own a CRT Television, the best thing to do is purchase an HDMI to composite adapter so that you can experience fully the joy of utilizing your LG G7’s Screen Mirroring feature.

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