OnePlus 5: How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery

Are you one of the OnePlus 5 user who has noticed that the photos in your Gallery have been randomly vanishing? Well, you’re not alone. This phenomenon is common and almost a lot of OnePlus 5 user experiences this. There are a lot of factors as to why this occurs and in this article, we’ll be tackling two methods in fixing in this issue.

Installing a Third Party Gallery App

Before committing to this method, try rebooting or restarting your OnePlus 5. If it doesn’t work, then head to your Google Play Store and install a third party gallery application like QuickPic on your OnePlus 5. Once downloaded, start the application then check whether it can find the photo in your OnePlus 5’s memory storage. Once yes, then the problem is with your Android Gallery. However, upon installing and still can’t find the photo, we suggest you wiping your OnePlus 5’s cache. To know more, go to this link.

Rebooting Your Phone

The simplest and quickest method of solving this issue is by rebooting your OnePlus 5. After rebooting, the media scanner of your phone will start browsing the images on your phone, hence missing photos will appear again in your Android Gallery. To know more about performing a reboot on your phone, go to this  link.

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