How To Put Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus In Priority Mode (Silent Mode)

The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 plus has just released and it’s very impressive with all the many features. However, with the phone having so many great features, it can be a pain when it constantly disturbs you. This is why you will be wanting to put your device into the Silent mode, which isn’t easily found if you just look through your phone. The problem is Samsung decided to rename the silent mode on your phone for no real reason. The new mode you will be looking for to silent your phone is called Priority Mode.

The mode does look and act a little different from the previous version but it is basically the same tool. It allows you to have more flexibility about what you can do with the phone when in priority mode. This means you can choose what apps and app you want to hear from, allowing you to still receive calls from your boss if you choose to. If you use the steps below we will be able to help you access the Priority Mode (silent Mode) on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus.

Starting the Priority Mode

If you want to access priority mode do this by pressing the volume button on your phone and then tap the Priority option, which will appear on the menu pop up. If you want to you can change how long the mode lasts for on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus by holding down the plus and minus button. Before you go into the mode you will see a star notification appear on your phone.

When this appears you will only be able to see the calls and apps allowed through the settings to make a noise on your phone. The messages, updates, and calls will not make a noise unless directed to do so otherwise.  

Controlling Your Apps by Priority Mode

If you want to control the app settings for your priority mode, then you do so easily in the settings. If you want to turn an app to ON in the priority mode, then go to the sound and notification menu in the settings. You will then need to pick the app notifications from the menu appearing.

When you have chosen an app, just change it to a priority in the settings. This will make any previous default app notifications blocked when in priority mode.

Changing Priority Mode Options

You can also change the priority mode by going into settings. You can change the settings for when a notification and reminders appear in priority mode. Do this through the toggle switches. Another feature is the choice to pick what people you want to continue to contact in priority mode.

Our final tip for the priority mode is the scheduling feature. This is a great tool for saving time or hassle, especially if you have a strict work routine.

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