How To Quickly Open Camera On Pixel 2 (Lock Screen Shortcut)

Google Pixel 2 tops out its competitors with the awesome camera that enables users to capture high-definition videos and images with it. However, Pixel 2’s default settings don’t enable us, users, to quickly unlock our phone into the camera app. The good thing is that this setting is optional too, just like your smartphone’s other advanced features. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to easily open your camera with a shortcut on your home screen.
The first method is by adding a camera shortcut on your smartphone. To do this, head down to your Pixel 2’s Settings app > My Device > Lock screen > Shortcuts. Once you’re inside the Shortcut option, you’ll be able to choose which shortcut icons shall appear on your lock screen. To load any of these applications, all you have to do is drag it upwards your screen.

Adding a camera shortcut on the lock screen of your Pixel 2 to launch your camera app in an instant shall enable you to capture images and videos without having the need to unlock your phone! A great alternative to this method is by bypassing the Pixel 2’s lock screen, which requires you to add a camera shortcut on the lock screen of your Pixel 2. So without further ado, here are the steps in creating a camera shortcut on your smartphone.

Adding a Camera Lock Screen Shortcut on your Pixel 2

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Head down to the Pixel 2’s Settings app
  3. Open the Device tab then choose the “Lock Screen” option
  4. Beneath the Swipe settings, check the “Camera Shortcut” option to activate the feature
  5. Once done, visit your Pixel 2’s lock screen then check whether the Camera shortcut has been added to the lower right part of the lock screen
  6. To activate the camera app without having to pass the lock screen, simply long press the icon then swipe it into any direction until the app has opened

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