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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Rotation Is Not Working (Solution)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Rotation Is Not Working (Solution)

Some owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have complained about their smartphone screen rotation not working properly. Most times, this issue occurs because of a defective gyroscope or accelerometer.This issue occurs when you enable the screen rotation feature, but the screen does not rotate. This means that most times, the screen won’t rotate even if you try to open an internet page on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
There are owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that have complained about having issues with the pre-installed camera that comes with their smartphones. If the issue
persists after making use of all the above methods, there could be a software bug problem. I will advise that you make sure that your Note 8 I s running on the latest operating system.
There are two ways to the Note 8 screen not working. The first effective method is to perform a hard reset on your Galaxy Note 8.
You should also check to be certain that your smartphone’s gyroscope or accelerometer is working perfectly. You can check this by typing this code on the dialer pad of your smartphone “*#0*#”. As soon as the service mode appears, click on ‘sensors’ carry out a self-test.
If your wireless provider deactivated this option, then the only thing you can do is to reset your smartphone using this guide on how to reset the phone to its factory defaults.
I will also advise that you contact your service provider to know if they have an effective method to help you fix this problem.
Another effective but unpopular method is by hitting your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with your palm. H0owever this is risky, and it should be your last resort. The best method is to carry out a hard reset to fix this issue on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
The hard reset option will delete all files and data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can back up your files by following these steps. Settings > Backup & reset. Use this guide here to learn how to perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Sep 15, 2017

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