Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Where Is Car Mode?

Before we answer the question of where is the car mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, it would be prudent to first talk about the significance of this mode to drivers who own the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphones.

The car mode also commonly referred to as the vehicle mode is an excellent operation functions that was recently introduced in Android gadgets.

Its main purpose is to ensure that users are able to access their smartphones safely and without developing any stress while driving. Nearly all the Samsung models have the vehicle mode featured on them which is to say that Samsung really cares for the safety of its users.

On your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 however, you might not be very if you searched for the Car Mode. This should not mean that you cannot use the feature.

It only implies that the automobile feature does not come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphones. You will still manage to use the Car Mode if you are able to download and install it from your Google Play Store.

In this guide, we would like to tackle the question that many users are already coming up with and this concerns the location of the Car Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Guidelines For Locating and Setting Up Car Mode on Galaxy Note 9

  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. Type Car Mode in the search box to let your play store search for the compatible car mode from all the available apps online
  3. From the list of apps displayed, tap on the appropriate vehicle feature to install on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  4. Tap on the setup button then wait for the Google Play store to start downloading and to finish installing the app
  5. Once the download and installation is complete, tap on the home button or the back button twice to exit the Google Play Store
  6. Now you can launch the Car Mode from your apps folder anytime you need to use it

And just like that, you will have successfully managed to use the Car Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 even though this feature did not come with your device.

Moreover, there are cars with the onboard screen which can allow you to directly use the standard options of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through the screen as you drive.

In your vehicle mode, there are a number of settings that you can tweak. One such setting is the Reflector link. Enabling the Reflector link function in the vehicle mode app allows you to utilize quick commands in an easily accessible way.

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