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Samsung Galaxy S8 Eye Scroll (Solution)

It is arguably been called the best smartphone of 2017 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 has many features that make this statement very true. The eye scroll icon that lots of people have been wondering about on there Galaxy S8 on the status bar has gotten people a bit confused.
This eye icon means that the Smart Stay is turned on in the Galaxy S8 status bar. This will also brighten up the screen as long as you are looking at the screen for your Galaxy S8.
The eye scroll symbol for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will tend to disappear and reappear at normal intervals. This means that your eye icon is enabled it is checking to see whether or not you are looking at your screen or you not looking at it. This is a very Smart Stay feature as it checks for different patter to see if you are still looking at the screen of your Galaxy S8.
Solution for Samsung Galaxy S8 Eye Scroll:

  1. Make sure your Galaxy S8 is turned on.
  2. Navigate to the Menu screen.
  3. Choose the Settings option.
  4. Choose the Display option.
  5. Look for “Stay Smart” option.
  6. Make sure the box is checked.
  7. Your status bar on your Galaxy S8 will show the eye icon.

You can use the same menu to access the “Smart Stay” on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The eye recognition of the Smart Stay will either enable or disable the light on your display.
Your front sensors will track your eyes using the Smart Stay on your Galaxy S8 so that your phone will turn off or it will dim when you are not looking at it and then it will brighten back on if you look at the screen again.

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