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Samsung Sucks: The 5 Reasons Why Samsung Smartphones Can Be Better

Samsung Sucks: The 5 Reasons Why Samsung Smartphones Can Be Better

Since Samsung has been one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world, they do a good job at making decent phones and they continued to adapt to keep on top of the market, but some believe that Samsung sucks and they could have better smartphones.

The development of Android has been thanks to Samsung, however, it is about time that Samsung hands the butane to someone else. They have recently had decreasing market value and they look at the problems that they created to blame for that. We will discuss the Top 5 reasons for why Samsung phones are no longer the best. Since not everybody hates Samsung as they prefer it compared to other brands such as OppoXiaomi, OnePlus and Indian manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava etc. Samsung is doing well for buyers not having the knowledge about the Android software and how certain factors can affect the performance of your phone. Since people say they prefer quality over quality, we will discuss the reason why Samsung sucks when making smartphones.

1. Design

Samsung has consistently using the same design philosophy that will most likely never change anytime soon. A majority of Samsung phones look identical. Consider the Galaxy Grand and a Galaxy S4, since both a similar designs. I find it difficult to understand how the company cannot make a variety of designs since many other companies are following suit. A basic Samsung smartphone design has a metallic rim that eventually fades out as it is being used after a couple of months and very glossy plastic body.

2. Specs

Samsung does have relatively good specs but that is only if you spend more for a flagship device. However, if you spend for the higher quality, you are better off getting another device from another brand that has devices in that price range. You can avoid the poor RAM being slowed from the TocuhWiz II if your buy a smartphone using stock Android.

3. Updates

It seems as if Samsung does not put priority on its updates. Don’t get me wrong, they do have updates, but if you own mid ranged Android, Samsung doesn’t think you should get updates, this is why some believe that Samsung sucks. For example, if you compare phones from brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi you can see that they get updates pretty fast. Samsung has needed to customize the OS, which is their excuse to why they have late updates. I rather purchase phone that put a priority in updating all their phones such as Motorola or other brands, than purchasing a Samsung.

4. TouchWiz UI

Initially, when Android was first being developed, OS did not look so good which is a large reason why Samsung is still so poor. Times have changed from the time that Samsung developed the TouchWiz UI that initially looked really good when they put it on top of the Android. Time has changed when UI is actually better than versions of TouchWiz. For example, stocks Androids are better compared to Galazy S6 Edge. Comparing TouchWiz and Android using the their key apps such as phone, contacts, messages and so on, you would say that the Android is much better looking than the TouchWiz UI that is on the Samsung. Sony is a good example that has a fantastic UI but that’s not as laggy as TouchWiz.

5. Bloatware

Another reason as to why Samsung phones are good is because they take too much space within the phone. Samsung phones come pre-installed with mostly useless apps. For example, the Galaxy S6 came with ridiculous 56 apps pre-installed that included many instant messaging apps and social messaging apps. The worst part is that Samsung does not allow its users to uninstall the apps but rather have them be disabled, this is why many think that Samsung sucks. These apps take too much space and this will make your device slower and reduced its memory.

There are the reasons that Samsun phones are actually not good. Even though Samsung has improved in the creation since the Galazy S5, they need to keep up to date as brands such as Song, Motorola are doing to say in the market. Please show support if this articles has helped in better understanding the quality of Samsung phones.

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Jan 16, 2017

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