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How To Secure Your iPhone With a Passcode

How To Secure Your iPhone With a Passcode

If you’ve upgraded your iPhone to iOS 9, there are a few new security features at your disposal, including the option to move from the standard four-digit passcode to a more complex six-digit passcode. Here’s how to do that in under a minute.

What is an iPhone passcode?

When you have the passcode feature enabled on your iPhone, you’re greeted with a lock screen that looks like this.

iPhone lockscreen

And this is where you either need to use your fingerprint or a four-digit numeric passcode to unlock your phone. It’s a safety measure meant to keep prying eyes out of your digital business.

Do you really need a six-digit passcode?

Remember the olden days of the internet, you know, back when we were all seemingly more innocent and using password as our actual password? Actually, it seems we haven’t really stopped doing that.

Your privacy and security are only as strong as the passwords and passcodes you use to protect your accounts and your devices.  If you choose a four-character numeric passcode like 1234 for your iPhone, you can pretty much expect your 5-year-old to crack that bad boy. And if your 5-year-old can do it, how long do you think it’ll take the stranger who nabs your phone from your purse while you’re not looking?

So, short answer: yes, you really should upgrade to a six-digit passcode. In most cases you can quickly unlock your phone with the fingerprint sensor, but there are times when that won’t work, like when it’s cold outside, your fingers are wet, you upgrade iOS, or your phone has been powered off for a period of time.

Setting up the six-digit code

This is a fairly straightforward process, but let’s break it down step-by-step.

Step one: Open settings

Settings on iPhone 

Step two: Scroll down and tap Touch ID & Passcodes

 Touch ID and Passcode settings on iPhone

Step three: Enter your current four-digit passcode

 enter four digit iPhone passcode

Step four: Scroll down and tap Change Passcode

 change iPhone passcode

Here you’ll be prompted to enter your current passcode again. Do that, and you’ll be hit with with this screen, allowing you to set a new six-digit code.

add new six digit iPhone passcode

And you’re done. In addition to securing your iPhone with a six-digit passcode, you can do the same with your iPad using these same instructions.

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