How To Download Torrents Directly on to the iPhone

Posted by Arch on May 4, 2019
how to download torrents directly on to iphone

Downloading torrents directly to your iPhone is not as easy as on some other devices. Due to the controversial nature of torrent files, Apple banned all torrent client apps from its online store. Officially, you are not able to download any torrent files to your iOS device.

However, there are other ways to download torrent files besides apps. If you want to bend the rules and download torrent files in spite of this ban, you can use several different methods.

Your options are to use an online torrent tool to download a file, or to go through non-torrent apps like iDownloader and Documents. This article will describe these ways of downloading torrents to your iOS device.

Using an Online Torrent App

Despite Apple officially banning torrent clients, you can access them online without having to download them.

You can find many online torrent apps on the internet. The most popular and tested options are:

All these websites work in a similar way. When you open them on your browser, you just need to copy the torrent link into the search bar and press Download.

There are two methods that you can use to get files from online torrent downloaders.

Copy the Direct Download Link

  1. Go to the torrent website you use, such as Monova or
  2. Search for the torrent that you want.
  3. Instead of tapping ‘Download Torrent’, press and hold until you can copy the link.
  4. Paste the link into Seedr or another similar website, and select ‘Go’.


This website will act as a torrent client and it will download the torrent file directly to your device’s storage.

Upload the Torrent File

If the above method didn’t work, you can also upload a torrent file to your chosen website. Follow these steps to start downloading the content you’re looking for:

  1. Go to your torrent site a find a torrent file that you want to download.
  2. Instead of tapping download, hold it until a menu pops up.
  3. Press ‘Share’ and then ‘Save to’. Navigate to where you want to save the torrent file.
  4. Open an online torrent downloader, such as Seedr or Zbigz.
  5. Press the ‘Add Torrent File’ option and find the torrent file in your documents.
  6. Tap ‘Go’ or ‘Download’ (depending on the site).
  7. The torrent will download to your storage.

Downloading a Torrent with iDownloader

iDownloader is a downloads manager with many great features. Due to its customizability, you can download torrents from it too.

To set up iDownloader, follow these steps:

  1. Find the iDownloader app on iTunes and install it.
  2. Open the app. You will notice that the app has its own browser.
  3. Open your torrent site with iDownloader.
  4. Find the torrent that you want to download, and instead of tapping the download button, hold it. When a pop-up window appears, copy the link.
  5. Go on one of the torrent client websites from above, such as Zbigz. Paste the link into the bar and tap ‘GO’.
  6. A download link will generate. When the link appears, select ‘Download’. The website will download the torrent to its server. Afterward, it will make a new link for you to download the file to your device.
  7. When you click on this link, iDownloader will start downloading the file, saving it to your storage.


Downloading a Torrent with Documents by Readdle

Downloading torrents with the Documents app is similar to the previous method. This is what you should do:

  1. Go to iTunes and find Documents by Readdle.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open the torrent site with the app’s built-in browser.
  4. Find the torrent that you wish to download.
  5. Copy the magnet download link. Keep in mind that magnet link and download torrent link are not the same.
  6. Go to the online torrent client (Zbigz, or any other), paste the magnet link into the designated field and click ‘Go’. The website will download the file to the server, without making another link.
  7. Tap the link and the app will download the file to your device.

Both iDownloader and Documents work on the same principle, so you can decide which one suits you better.

Are Torrents Illegal?

Torrent files and apps are not illegal, but the content of the files can be. These files are also often infected with malware. So be careful what you download if you don’t want to have any problem with the law or with your system.

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