Is Shein Legit?

is shein legit

Shein is an online clothing store that offers a wide selection of “fast fashion” clothes for women, men, and children. What’s their selling point? Prices so low that they will surely catch your eye.

So, what kind of quality can you expect with Shein? What kind of expenses? More importantly, is it a legitimate store? Here, you’ll learn more about Shein, the quality of their clothes, and much more.

Is It Legit?

Let’s get one thing clear. Shein is a legitimate online retail fashion business. The prices may seem sketchy, and you may have your doubts, but rest assured, the whole thing is straight.

But why would you put their legitimacy in question, in the first place? Well, because their prices are very, well, competitive. Shein is a Chinese company that enjoys certain benefits of running a business in this country. Chinese retailers, in general, resort to particular “tactics” to keep their prices low.

For one, they don’t pay for customer service staff. Also, they are notorious for using materials of lower quality. Most importantly, they have impeccable manufacturing processes. These allow them to focus on quantity.

Many other Chinese online retailers resort to specific illegitimate tactics to lower their costs. Unlike these examples, Shein doesn’t hide their real costs in inflated shipping fees, and they don’t misrepresent their products. What you see is what you get.


Are They Dirt-Cheap

Well, if you were there three years ago, you know how cheap they were. However, there are some benefits that they’ve added that set them apart from their competitors. They don’t aim for Wish’s measly prices. They’re more along the lines of discounted Walmart clothing. With that said, the quality that Shein offers is better than Walmart and most other shopping mall brands.

So, no, they are no longer dirt-cheap. However, Shein offers some very competitive prices and quality that beats some fashion center that may surprise you.

Plus, you can get coupons on their main website and get some cool discounts. You also get 10% off for your first order upon completing registration. Shein is also perpetually running various site-wide sales, which is typical for Asian online retailers.

Keep in mind that, as a student, you get a 15% discount. Everything from middle school and upwards counts.

Put these discounts side-by-side, and you will get a dirt-cheap price.


Asian eCommerce clothing websites are notorious for their sizing because they use Asian size standards. Europeans and Americans tend to have bulkier statures, so this can be a bit of a problem.

Unlike most Asian retailers, however, the sizing on Shein is much closer to the American standard. Still, though, this can vary, and you might end up with a piece of clothing that is way too small for you, depending on your stature.

shein legit

For instance, if you are a Medium in one shirt that you’ve ordered off of Shein, it isn’t set in stone. You may be a Large or even a Small in another style. You could rely on the measurements that they post for each item. But this won’t be of too much help unless you are a tailor or know someone who is. The best way to go is to check the review section for each piece and try to feel out what size you need.


Shein features a wide variety of exciting and cheap clothing options. However, their range may not be your thing. Wish and Romwe are top affordable alternatives to Shein that you can check out. Although both offer fashion products, they don’t specialize in those.

For one, Wish sells everything from electronics to jewelry. You could find some attractive choices there, but it’s a bigger risk than going with Shein.

Romwe is more up Shein’s alley. It is also a Chinese-based website that specializes in clothing. However, Romwe is significantly cheaper. The price tags here, though, are owed to cheap materials. Even though their items look gorgeous on the website, you won’t exactly get what you see.

That said, Romwe is ridiculously cheap. Shein, though, offers free returns to the US and certain other countries. You don’t get that with Romwe, even if you are in China.

Either way, if you are looking for a quality and affordable online clothes shopping experience, Shein is one of the best choices out there.


Shein offers a much better experience than Wish and Romwe. However, there are still some things that you should pay attention to when shopping here.

Firstly, Shein doesn’t offer free shipping just like that. You need to fill up that cart to a certain point so that you get free shipping. Therefore, group your shopping on Shein. The best way to go is to make regular visits to the website and put things into your cart. Once you’ve achieved the free shipping threshold, place the order. Be careful not to log out of the site in the meantime, though.

You should also know which items to go with on Shein. Their graphic/text T-shirts are generally excellent. They offer quality sweaters at low prices (although the color selection is a bit shy). They also excel at elastic-waistband skirts and wrap dresses.

Similarly, you should know which clothing to avoid here. Expect malfunctioning zippers, for one. If you don’t mind having those zippers replaced, though, go for it. Keep an eye for items with embroidery and exposed stitching. Their bodycon dresses aren’t that amazingly well done, either.

Is Shein a Good Choice?

As you can see, Shein is a very legitimate online retailer. With quality that beats most Walmart lines and other mentioned cool perks, Shein is an excellent online shopping choice. Expect low prices and great shipping options.

Have you ever ordered anything off of Shein? What’s your overall experience with the company? You can hit the comment section below and tell us about your experiences. Don’t refrain from asking any questions that you may have, either.

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