How To Solve Bluetooth Pairing Problems On Galaxy S9

The Bluetooth on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the coolest Android features that connect to, speakers, headphones, and media player. However, have you ever wonder what this feature is and how it works. The answer is “No.” The only time this question manifest is when the Bluetooth starts having pairing problems and users are anxious to fix it on their own. If you’re dealing with a user error, recomhub have put together not less than 12 different troubleshooting alternatives. Read on to know how to fix Galaxy S9 Bluetooth pairing problems.

Solution 1 – Check the Bluetooth Status

This method is very crucial in resolving the Bluetooth issue. You may have forgotten to turn it on. So, look for the Bluetooth symbol at the top of the device screen and turn it on. If the problem persists, then move to the next solution.

Solution 2 – Check the Manufacturer’s Manual for the pairing process

If you are having difficulties connecting your Bluetooth to another device, check your auto’s manual for advice. Some connection requires physically touch while other need you to type a code on your smartphone to enable the connection. Of course, you don’t have to know by heart these processes. There will often be tips on how to troubleshoot and reset your Bluetooth connection.

Solution 3 – Activate the Discoverable Mode

Sometimes, you need to activate the Discoverable Mode on your Galaxy S9 and pair the car infotainment system with your phone before you can use hands-free navigation, calling or texting on your phone. You could require a numeric code that will officially pair the two devices once your phone is detected. This mode deactivated by itself within a couple of minutes, so you need to act fast.

Solution 4 – Check the Distance Between Devices

You might be too far away; if you can’t see the device, you are trying to connect. It’s a well-known fact that any two devices that you’re trying to connect via Bluetooth should be standing within five feet distance. So, make sure you bring the gadgets closer to one and other.

Solution 5 – Turn off and on Both Devices

This solution is another helpful trick that is recommended to try out if all the other methods do not work out for you. Sometimes, your Bluetooth problems may not have anything to do with the Bluetooth itself; the devices may cause them. So, take each device and turn it off, wait for a minute and turn it back on. This process will allow the devices to reset and can remedy any problems that your Bluetooth is experiencing.

Solution 6 – Try to Spot and Remove Interferers

Remove other Bluetooth devices from the nearby if your Bluetooth is too busy or taking a long time to connect. It could be that the Bluetooth is connecting to another smartphone that’s closer instead of the intended the device.

Solution 7 – Check the Battery Level

Smart power management will turn Bluetooth off to preserve battery/power. You aren’t going to be connecting to any Bluetooth if any of the two parties involved have a low battery. Try and charge both device and reconnect back again.

Solution 8 – Remove and Reinitiate the Bluetooth Connections

We suggest this helpful trick if the Samsung Galaxy S9 can’t see the device you’re trying to connect. First, delete all the Bluetooth connections one by one and then reconnect back again. You can fix this problem if the issue is happening due to a particular device pairing.

Solution 9 – Remove the Wifi Distraction

It is ideal to be far away from any Wifi router range while trying to make the Bluetooth connection. There has been a report that Wi-Fi can interfere with the Bluetooth and prevent it from pairing.

Solution 10 – Check the Devices’ Profile

Not all Bluetooth devices can connect with one another even though all support Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you will have to go, to the user manual once again to test any compatibility issues.

Solution 11 – Check the Drivers

If you’re trying to connect the Samsung S9 with a computer chance are that you are not using the right driver. Go online and search for the updated drivers by typing in the device’s name + driver and see what results you will get.

Solution 12 – Update Drivers/Firmware

Are you attempting to connect your PC to your S9? Don’t forget that drivers can require updates too. What about your car’s firmware? Have you been ignoring its request for an update? Don’t worry about applying updates to your S9 other devices involved that have their own needs.

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