How To Solve Galaxy S9 Auto Correct Issue

The idea behind the Autocorrect service on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is to help users to type correctly. But some users feel the feature can sometimes be a headache.

There are owners that feel that the Autocorrect feature is really not necessary and they will prefer to type without it. Below I will highlight some reasons why some users think that the Autocorrect feature is not really useful.

  • Stops working unexpectedly without any obvious reason
  • Corrects the final word of a sentence into a word that does not relate to the sentence at all
  • Often changes unnecessary corrections and suggestions of words

It is no news anymore that the autocorrect feature is available on most smartphones that are available now, but the issues highlighted above have been more specific to the new Samsung Galaxy S9 especially when users prefer to use the default Samsung keyboard.

In light of this, there are users that will really like to know how they can deactivate the Autocorrect feature on their Samsung Galaxy S9. In this article, I will give you some tips that you can use to switch off the Autocorrect feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9.

Solving the Autocorrect Problem on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Power on your Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Click on any app from your home screen that will make the keyboard to appear
  3. Then touch and hold the Dictation Key located beside the Space Bar
  4. Tap the gear symbol to open Settings
  5. Touch Predictive Text
  6. Move the Slider with your finger from On to Off

There are also some few features and options that you can adjust to make typing on your Samsung Galaxy S9 easier and smooth for you

  • Auto-punctuate – This feature will automatically insert apostrophes, periods, and other punctuation signs in your text if you switch it On
  • Predictive text – This feature suggests words for you to make typing faster
  • Auto-replace – Anytime you press the Spacebar, this feature will automatically change the last word you typed into a more appropriate word (can be a bit confusing)
  • Auto-spacing – You can use this feature to automatically space words, which means you won’t need to press the spacebar anytime you want to type a new word
  • Auto-check spelling – This feature will underline a word that it does not recognize

If you’re still having issues, download a less complex third-party keyboard. There are definitely some cool ones there!

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