How To Switch Between Launchers On Galaxy S9 | Change TouchWiz

Android users enjoy launchers that help them customize and organize their Home screen according to their preference. This is just one of the fun touch-ups when owning a Samsung Galaxy S9 since it allows you to customize your phone and its usage on a very personal level. It is Samsung’s Galaxy S9’s notable TouchWiz that allows these devices’ users to match his or her own style to this dedicated technology. With Samsung’s TouchWiz, users are able to launch apps to effortlessly.

If, however, you are looking for launchers that can provide other options that would match your preferences better, fret not – there is an easy way to change the TouchWiz launcher into another, third-party launcher. With this option, users are able to switch from the TouchWiz to other available launchers that may fit their satisfaction.

The 8 Steps to Changing TouchWiz for Another Launcher on Galaxy S9

  1. Bring your Notification bar out by swiping down your notification screen;
  2. Find the gear icon and tap it to enter your Settings page;
  3. Scroll down, find, and select the Applications option;
  4. From the given options, select the Default Applications field;
  5. Choose the Home Screen feature;
  6. There, you will find a list of other various launchers. These options would include TouchWiz and Touchwiz Easy. In this list, you will also find other third-party launchers such as the Nova Launcher and the APEX;
  7. From these many options, tap the launcher that best suits your preferences;
  8. Lastly, apply all the changes by simply tapping the home button.

These are the easy steps you have to take in order to switch from the default TouchWiz launcher provided by Samsung to any other launcher available. With just a few taps, you are on your way to completely own and customizing your gadget according to your terms.

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