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How To Turn OFF Essential PH-1 Vibration

How To Turn OFF Essential PH-1 Vibration

One of the common feature of the Essential PH-1 device is it pulsates whenever you get a notification about something, may it be a text message, an application update, or anything of the likes.There are most probably a handful of people who do not exactly appreciate this feature. What we will be further getting into then is for this handful of people, who would want their device not to pulsate when getting notifications.

How To Turn Off Essential PH-1 Vibration:

  1. Switch your Essential PH-1 device ON
  2.  Go to the Menu page to open it
  3. Look for and go to Settings
  4. Click on to Select Sound
  5. Click on to select Vibration intensity

When you have found Vibration intensity, a window will appear that will show you several different prompts that will make your device pulsate. Decide on which one you want your device to pulsate on as well as the ones you don’t want it to do anything when getting.
Decide if you want it ON or OFF for:

  • Incoming call
  • Notifications
  • Haptic Feedback

Click on the radio button on the left side to set it to off, and your Essential PH-1 device will not pulsate again for any notification. Not only do you have the option to not let your phone pulsate when getting notifications you can also opt out of this feature, when dialing on your keyboard.

Turn OFF Keyboard Sounds On Essential PH-1

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Desmond Andrada

Dec 29, 2017

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