LG G7 Restarting Itself Over And Over Again (Solution)

Some users of the LG G7 have been complaining that their LG G7 is always restarting itself unexpectedly. This can be very annoying, and it makes it difficult to enjoy your LG G7. The best solution is to return your LG G7 to the LG company if you are still under the warranty cover. This will save you the headache of using a damaged LG G7, and you will also be able to avoid your money on getting it fixed or getting a new smartphone. But if your LG G7 is no more under warranty, you can still take it to an LG certified technician to help you fix the issue of your LG G7 restarting and freezing.

Some LG G7 owners have complained that most times their device will suddenly shut down when they are using their smartphone to do something important. If you are facing this kind of issue on your LG G7, there are some methods that you can use to fix the problem. However, the best solution remains that you take it to an LG certified technician or you get a new one.

One of the reasons you might face this issue can be as a result of a new app that you just installed on your LG G7. It could also be a faulty battery that can no longer work for an extended period. It can also be caused by malware. I will explain two ways below to fix unexpected shutdown on your LG G7.

Android Operating System Causes the LG G7 to Keep Restarting

One of the common reasons that make your LG G7 keep rebooting itself is because of a new firmware that you just installed on your LG G7. If this is the case, then I will advise that you perform a factory reset on your LG G7. You can use this guide on how to factory reset the LG G7.

However, you should make sure that you backup all your important documents and data before you commence this process so as not to lose them. After you have backed up all your important files, you can now start the process.  

Sudden Reboot Caused by Applications

There are LG G7 owners that will like to know what the Safe Mode option stand for and what it does to your device. The safe mode option puts your LG G7 in a different mode where only preinstalled apps will be active. This will help you to know if the unexpected shutdown issue is being caused by a third-party app on your device. The safe mode allows you to securely uninstall rouge apps and delete bugs that are affecting your device.

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