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How To Use Custom Music On LG V30

How To Use Custom Music On LG V30

LG’s latest flagship phone, LG V30, enables all of you music lovers out there to use your favorite songs as an alarm or a ringtone. It gives a sense of uniqueness to your phone and allows you to hear your favorite songs whenever someone is calling or texting you! Setting up this feature on your LG V30 is super quick and easy and won’t eat a much of your time! In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to use your favorite songs as an alarm or a ringtone on your LG V30.

The stock alarm tones provided by the LG V30 are too plain and boring that won’t help in waking you up from your sleep. In the solution to this, other LG V30 users download third-party alarm clocks on the Google Play store. However, downloading these apps will only cost you money and you have no clue if they have the music you wanted for your alarm.

Keep in mind that your LG V30 has a feature that enables you to use your favorite song as an alarm or a ringtone. Meaning, as long as you already have your favorite music stored on your phone, it’ll allow you to save your wallet from spending dollars on those third-party alarm clocks. So without further ado, here are the following steps on using your favorite song as your alarm or ringtone music.

Using your Favorite Music as your Alarm Sound

Before proceeding to this process, double check if you already have your favorite song downloaded on your LG V30. Note that if it’s stored in your Google Music Cloud account, it will never work. To transfer songs on your LG V30, connect it to your PC then move all the songs you want to the “Music” folder. Now if you’re using a Mac, make sure you have the Android File Transfer tool on it. Afterwards, drag your chosen songs on your LG V30. After all of this is done, proceed to these instructions:

  1. Head on the App tray then choose the Clock app
  2. Proceed to the editing screen of your chosen alarm
  3. Press “Alarm tone”
  4. A dropdown list will appear containing all the stock music on your LG V30. Press the “Add button” to choose your desired song
  5. Search for the music you want to use for your alarm then tap “Done”

Once you have done the instructions mentioned above, you’ll be able to wake up to your favorite song! One cool feature we suggest you use is the “Auto recommendation” which will help you in choosing the song of your choice. It allows you to hear the highlight of the song, usually, its loudest part.

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