How to Use Your Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen to Translate Text

Did you know that you’re able to translate any phrase in any language, any time that you want, with a single press of a button? Yes! It’s all possible with Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen.

Technology is vastly growing as each day passes. Today, Samsung again marveled the world with a feature only them has been able to introduce as of this moment. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen allows its users to do not just an average scribbling down notes. Its newly introduced feature is the ability to translate any text — not just words, but an entire paragraph — by simply hovering the S Pen over the Note 8’s display. That single feature shall save you from copying and pasting links into an application like the Google Translate whenever you need to translate a phrase or a text.

Steps in Translating Any Text Using Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen

Imagine translating any text you found on the net by simply hovering your stylus over the image or the text. That shall save you a lot of time and effort, right? We know that for you it’s quite impossible and unimaginable. But that’s where Samsung’s good at, making the impossible possible. So without further ado, here’s how to utilize the Note 8’s built-in translation feature:

Step #1: Head to the content on your Note 8 you want to translate

What makes the S Pen’s translation feature a top-notch is that it isn’t locked down to certain applications. Any word, phrase, or paragraph, even in a PDF file or an image one, can be translated provided that it’s clear enough for the feature to recognize. Awesome, right?

Step #2:  Open your Note 8 and remove the S-Pen from it

This shall invoke the S-Pen’s Air Command window, which grants users shortcuts to its various functions.

If the S-Pen has already been removed, open the Air Command window by pressing the floating S-Pen button on your display with the S-Pen itself.

Step #3: Access the Translate features

The translate feature resembles a yellow symbol. Press it with the S-Pen to open its functions.

Step #4: Choose the languages you like to translate

Once you have activated Translate, you’ll notice a box appearing at the upper part of the screen displaying the languages you are translating from and to.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t able to auto-detect the source language in this mode, so you’ll have to choose both languages manually. If you like to switch the order, tap the bidirectional arrows located in the middle of the screen.

Step #5: Choose Whether You Like to Translate a Single Word or a Block of Text

The symbol will either display a “T” for a single text or a document icon (resembles like a paper) for a lengthier selection.

Step #6: Float Your S-Pen Over a Word to Translate

Hold the S-Pen just near enough to the screen that you can see a cursor pop-up, succeeded by a spinning green-and-blue circle.

If you’re translating a single word, the result shall pop-up over the text. If you’re translating a block of text, the phablet will extrapolate just a part of what you’re floating over. Utilize the handles of the selection box to change your selection and translate more or fewer words.

Step #7:  Press the X (or close button) to Exit the Translate Feature

Once you’re done, simply press the “X” icon to turn off the app. Translate shall remain running either till you put the S-Pen away or you exit the language selection box.

And that’s how it works! It’s also possible to translate a whole paragraph. Simply press the teal button in the translation box and highlight your whole selection. The translation feature is operated by Google and it serves for documents and web pages.

An Extra Tip

Smooth currency conversion is also included in this feature. All you have to do is highlight any currency on your Galaxy Note 8’s screen and it will be converted into your primary currency automatically. The primary currency is defined by the language and country you’ve selected.

For example, it’s English and the US respectively, your primary currency will be USD. This feature is operated by Oanda. Always remember that it shall take you few seconds for the conversion to show up.

Do You Love Samsung’s New Feature

For years, it has been a long process whenever we want to translate a thing we saw on our phone’s display. We have to manually type it on a translating app like the Google translate. With Samsung’s newly introduced feature on their Galaxy Note 8, by simply hovering your S-Pen to any text or image that you want to translate, you’re able to do it in a matter of seconds.

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