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How To Use LG G7 As A Flashlight

How To Use LG G7 As A Flashlight

There’s never been a more reliable light source in the wilderness other than the Flashlight which has aided a lot of individuals since it’s invention. With this pocket size, handheld, and easy to carry light source, walking down the forest in the middle of the night, helping us find the comfort room when we experienced a blackout on our house, or just even finding a small screw under our cars has never been easier with it.
The great thing about the phone in these days is that it has everything users needed in their daily lives. You can use it for communicating with someone. You can also use it watching your most favorite series. Also, use it as a source of light when you don’t have a flashlight with you! Great, isn’t it? All of the invented smartphone these days can be utilized as a flashlight. Now if you owned LG’s latest flagship phone, the LG G7, your best bet you have it too!
Installing a third-application was the only way to use your smartphone as a flashlight way back years ago. Yet now, Smartphone’s LED Maglight technology is too powerful that it can serve as a stable light source, which can be considered as powerful as a normal flashlight. LG technology introduced an app called Torch which turns your phone into a flashlight. The great thing is that a widget was included in the LG G7 to help you quickly turn OFF or ON your LG G7’s LED Maglight. Now that’s innovative and convenient at the same time! It’s like using one stone to hit two birds!

Using the Flashlight

We will be guiding you how to navigate to your LG G7’s Torch app in this guide. In order to activate the said widget, all you have to do is follow this instruction:

  1. Boot up your smartphone
  2. Tap then Hold for a few seconds your LG G7’s Home screen. Wait for the “Widgets”, “Home Screen Settings”, and “Wallpapers” option appear
  3. Tap the “Widgets” option
  4. Search down the widgets list to find the “Torch” app
  5. Long press the “Torch” widget then move it onto your LG G7’s Home Screen
  6. Hit on the “Torch” symbol to open the flashlight feature
  7. If you want to turn it OFF, tap it again

With these quick and easy-to-learn steps, you can bid your old friend Darkness goodbye forever! Just make sure you have enough battery to run the “Torch” feature of your LG G7!

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Feb 8, 2018

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