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Using the Sleep Mode feature On Galaxy Note 8

Using the Sleep Mode feature On Galaxy Note 8

There is a popular mode on all Android devices called the Do Not Disturb mode. This feature is called Blocking Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This feature has all the important features on the Do not Disturb mode. The main reason why the blocking mode was created is to have a feature that you can use to block unwanted calls on your smartphone.

Another minor reason is the fact that they had to create a name that will be different from that of Apple. Either way, you should be aware that you can use the blocking mode feature to automatically reject calls from specific individuals whenever you are an important meeting or a family dinner. This mode also becomes handy in situations where you need to take that important nap, and you want to avoid unnecessary interruptions.
However, if you feel this feature is too restrictive, there are ways to customize it according to your preference. This mode is pretty simple to set up, and you can use the steps below to activate the Blocking mode on your Galaxy Note 8.
How to activate the Blocking Mode on Galaxy Note 8:
1. Locate the Settings menu
2. Click on the Blocking Mode
3. You can now move the slide located on the upper corner of the screen from OFF to ON.

As soon as you’ve done that, an icon with a small circle will show up on the status bar that will show that you’ve activated the blocking mode option on your smartphone.

Methods that you can use to personalize the Blocking Mode on Galaxy Note 8
You can make use of the options below to use the available sound and alerts features that you can activate on the block mode option on your smartphone. Most of the Galaxy Note 8 users prefer these two options:
1. To block incoming calls
2. To switch off notifications on your smartphone.

If you are used to your smartphone waking you up in the morning, you should make sure that you don’t check the “Turn off alarm and time” box option.

Another crucial setting is making sure that you set up the start and stop time interval for your blocking mode option. This is the only option that is customizable when it comes to the time feature on your smartphone. Other settings like the calendar and adjustments between weekdays are not alterable.

It’s also important to point out that you can activate specific contacts from your list even though you’ve switched to the Blocking mode. This means that you can still receive some important calls even though you’ve activated the Do Not Disturb mode on your smartphone. You can activate this by following these steps:
1. You can go the favorites option which will make sure that all your favorite contacts can still reach you even though you are on Blocking mode.
2. You can also create a custom list that will allow you to select the contacts that can reach you.

As soon as you have made up your mind on the specific calls that you want to receive on the Blocking mode. You are pretty much done with setting up the Do Not Disturb mode on your Galaxy device.

If you want to know how to block a specific contact on your device, you should know that this process has nothing to do with it. But this process makes sure that you do not receive calls from annoying spammers and telemarketers anymore. This is a completely hidden idea to what the Blocking mode was created for.

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Sep 15, 2017

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