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How to Watch American Netflix in Israel

How to Watch American Netflix in Israel

As you may know, Netflix is increasing its subscription prices in many countries, including Israel. They justify this by saying their production costs are increasing and that they are constantly adding new high-quality content.

That sounds reasonable, but it is unfair that Netflix doesn’t offer the same content in all countries. Israel, like many other countries, doesn’t have as much content on Netflix as the United States. If you don’t live in the land of the free, or you are on vacation and want original Netflix, there is a solution.

Read on and find out how to watch American Netflix in Israel using VPN.

What VPN Stands For?

VPN stands for virtual private network and it has become more and more popular in recent years. You can use it to browse the internet freely, without any restrictions, and maintain your online privacy. When you use a VPN, you are tricking everyone to think that you are in a different country.

This can be very useful if you want to watch American Netflix in other countries, such as Israel. You will get access to a substantially larger library of titles on Netflix, both movies, and TV shows, for the same price you’re currently paying.

There are hundreds of different VPN services, most of which operate on pretty much the same principle. However, these VPN service providers vary in quality, security, and price. This is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best, most trusted, and most effective VPN providers.

Any of the VPNs listed below is good enough for watching American Netflix in Israel. You will see what the benefits of using each of them are, so you can decide which one to get.


The 3 Best VPNs for Viewing American Netflix in Israel

It would be great if every country had access to the same content on Netflix, but unfortunately, that is not possible legally. Pressured by content providers to start cracking down on VPN usage, Netflix doesn’t approve of VPNs and worldwide access to all of their content. You are essentially breaking their rules and terms of agreement when you watch their content on a VPN.

Proceed to do so at your own risk. The risk is minimal, however. The only people who have trouble with Netflix in these matters are the VPN providers whose servers get blacklisted almost daily. Only some VPN services still work and allow you to watch American Netflix from other countries like Israel.

Here’s a list of the most prominent VPNs that still allow you to watch American Netflix as of August 2019. When choosing the right VPN for you, consider the download speeds and server coverage across countries. You need these to be top-notch so that you can enjoy streaming HD content on Netflix without interruptions.


When you ask anybody or search online for VPN recommendations, the first name that always comes up is ExpressVPN. They offer the fastest connection speeds, as well as great server coverage. They use over 3,000 servers in 160 different locations.

At the moment, you can still use ExpressVPN to watch American Netflix in Israel or any other country.  Not only is the content watchable, but you can also watch it in HD without trouble. Even the support for ExpressVPN is great; they can direct you to the best servers for Netflix if you have trouble finding them yourself.

Note that none of these quality VPNs come for free, and neither does ExpressVPN. They are not the cheapest VPN provider, but they often have great deals and affordable long-term plans.


CyberGhost is based in Europe, in Germany and Romania. This doesn’t matter, because you can easily watch American Netflix using their VPN. There are more than 3700 CyberGhost servers spread out across 60 countries worldwide.

The best thing about this provider is ease of access. There have apps for all platforms, and they are all very straightforward. CyberGhost doesn’t have the best support, but it is still very viable. The pricing is not bad, but it gets better if you subscribe for a year or longer.

Finally, you can also watch the German, French, and UK Netflix in addition to the US one.


NordVPN offers an amazing and secure service. The security it provides is a perfect fit for watching American Netflix from other countries. Download speeds are great, and they have over 5,000 servers across more than 60 locations.

Besides the US Netflix, you can also watch Netflix Japan, Canada, Netherlands, and the UK. By far, the best feat of NordVPN is the 2048-bit encryption, which is impossible to crack. There is also additional DNS leak protection, and a kill switch just to be sure in case your connection drops.

You can test this service free for a week, which is great because it is not cheap. As with other VPNs, the subscription gets substantially cheaper if you get a long-term plan.

American netflix

Enjoy Netflix Anywhere

Technically, you shouldn’t be able to watch American Netflix from other places like Israel, but there are no real boundaries on the internet. With Netflix, you certainly won’t get fined or banned from using the website. The VPN provider might have to set up new US-based servers if they’re current ones get blacklisted, but as a paid subscriber, that is not something you should worry about.

Do you know of some other VPN service that allows you to watch American Netflix in Israel? Let us know in the comments below.

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