Will Amazon Prime Deliver to a Hotel

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular paid subscription services today. The fact that it has around 100 million users around the globe says a lot about the quality of this service.

But what can you expect from Amazon Prime exactly? Can you get a delivery to your hotel while you are enjoying your vacation?

This article will give you all the answers and help you understand Amazon Prime so that you can enjoy all of its benefits.

Can You Use Amazon Prime While You Are on a Vacation?

Amazon Prime Deliver to a Hotel

Imagine the following scenario. You are currently on a vacation and you’ve planned your entire trip ahead. You booked a good hotel, packed your stuff, and started your trip ready to recharge and have fun.

Once you have arrived, you noticed that you didn’t bring your favorite camera with you. So, what now?

Well, that’s where Amazon Prime delivery jumps in to save the day.

All you need to do is go through Amazon and find the item that you forgot at home. After purchasing the item you want, you can use the Amazon Prime option to get it delivered to you the same day.

Simply choose Amazon Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery, select your item, and rest assured that your order will arrive in no time.

Since Amazon Prime also does deliveries to hotels, you should state the hotel where you are staying when filling the online delivery form.

When Is the Best Time to Use the Amazon Prime Service?

It is advised that you order your item using Amazon Prime before noon if you want to use the FREE Same-Day Delivery option. If you order your item in the afternoon, you can use their FREE One-Day Shipping.

This, of course, depends on your situation and circumstances but if you want your delivery to arrive as soon as possible that same day, make sure to get your order before noon.

What to Do If You’re on a Plane

In case you have just boarded your plane and forgot to pack a laptop charger that you desperately need (or anything else), there are options you can use to get yourself out of the pickle.

In situations like this, you should use two Amazon services: Amazon Locker and Prime Delivery.

Amazon Lockers are basically self-service kiosks or your personal safes where you can pick up your Amazon packages whenever you want.

Order the item you forgot (laptop charger in this case) and store it in an Amazon Locker. The item will be waiting for you when you arrive and you can pick it up at your leisure.

Amazon Prime Delivery Services You Can Use

Will Amazon Prime Deliver to Hotel

You are now already familiar with a couple of Amazon Prime’s services and options, but let’s examine other options at your disposal:

  1. FREE Two-Day Delivery
    There are over 100 million items you can order through the FREE Two-Day Delivery option. Once you have ordered what you want, the item will arrive in two business days.There is no minimum order.
  2. FREE One-Day Delivery
    If you want to get your item delivered sooner but your situation is not that urgent, you can use the FREE One-Day Delivery to get your item the next day.
    Amazon Prime will Deliver to a Hotel
  3. FREE Same-Day Delivery
    To get your item delivered the same day that you have ordered it, you need to make your order before noon. Your item will then be delivered before 9 pm.In case you have placed your order in the afternoon, your item will arrive the next day.
  4. FREE 2-Hour DeliveryAmazon Prime’s FREE 2-Hour Delivery service allows you to get your order within 2 hours. However, not all items can be delivered this way.

    You can use this option for groceries and other daily essentials. You can also shop for Amazon’s Kindle, Fire, Echo, etc.

    Local market delivery is available in some cities.

  5. Amazon DayIn case you aren’t in a hurry and want to order multiple items, you can take your time and choose the day of the delivery with Amazon Day.

    So, add the items you want throughout the week, and then select the day when you want to receive them.
    Amazon Prime Deliver to Hotel

  6. Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery
    The Amazon In-Car Delivery is one of the most useful Amazon Prime options that can easily get you out of a tough situation. For example, if your car broke down and you need something to fix it, you can use the Amazon In-Car Delivery service to get that item delivered to your car.All you have to do is specify the parking lot or other nearby location.

Fast, Reliable, and Helpful

The previous list contains only some of the services that you can use if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. There are other options that can come in quite handy in different situations, so make sure to go through them all.

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