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Is YouTube TV Down for Everyone?

Is YouTube TV Down for Everyone?

Seeing that your favorite streaming service, YouTube TV, is down, is borderline depressing. You’ve finally sat back, put up your feet and relaxed, and what happens? YouTube TV won’t work. The most frustrating part of this kind of problem is not knowing whether YouTube TV is down for everyone or just you.

In actual fact, the problem might be down solely to your internet connection. Then again, there could be any number of potential reasons why you’re encountering service interruptions with your device. Listed below are a few likely culprits.

Check Your Connection

If YouTube TV is down due to connection issues on your end, other internet features and websites won’t work either. Try using another app or try Googling anything using the same internet connection that you use for YouTube TV. If you can connect to the internet normally, the problem is with YouTube TV or the device you’re using to access it. To make sure, try accessing YouTube TV from a different device.

If your connection isn’t working properly, try restarting your device and the router itself. If this doesn’t work, contact your ISP (internet service provider) and let them try and resolve the issue.

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Ask Your Friends

If you have a YouTube TV user in your friend circle, contact them and ask them to check whether it’s working on their end. If it isn’t, the problem is almost definitely not with you. However, this doesn’t mean that YouTube TV is down for everyone. It might simply be that it’s down in your country/town. In fact, if you and the friend that you’ve called share the same provider, it might be down to them.

If you have an acquaintance who uses YouTube TV but through a different provider, and they too are experiencing issues with the service, the problem is most definitely on YouTube’s end.

Check Social Media

If you can’t think of anybody you know who uses YouTube TV, or want to see whether the problem is location-based or world-wide, your best bet would be social media. Even if you may not be in the habit of it, people tend to complain about things that aren’t working on social media, mainly on Twitter. Therefore, the best way to go is to search the “youtubetv” hashtag for potential complaints. Then, check to see where the user in question is based.


Alternatively, you, too, can post about YouTube TV not working on Twitter or Facebook. Just make sure that you add a #youtubetv hashtag and perhaps even tag YouTube’s social media accounts at the same time. Who knows? Maybe YouTube itself will contact you direct.

G Suite Status Dashboard

G Suite Dashboard is the Google page that provides information about the current global status of Google’s services. If you’ve already checked the site out, you’ll know that YouTube isn’t present. No, G Suite Status Dashboard doesn’t monitor YouTube but, regardless, you can use it as an indicator of a potential problem.

For instance, if a lot of Google services on the Status Dashboard are red, the problem might well be global.

Use an Online Detector

Although they aren’t 100% reliable, online down detectors will often tell you whether a website is functioning properly. To check whether YouTube TV is down globally, simply google “is YouTube TV down” and check out a few of the listed entries. Most of these down detectors also offer a 24-hour problem history with a particular service – so consult this, as well.

YouTube TV Issues

As you can see, there are things that you can do in order to see whether the YouTube TV problems that you might be experiencing are on your end or a city-wide, country-wide, or even global scale. Of course, you can always contact YouTube’s support for troubleshooting, but be warned, this may take a while.

Did you find out why YouTube TV isn’t working? Is it on your end or on a larger scale? Which one of these tips did you go with? Feel free to join in on the discussion below with your thoughts, tips, or questions.

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