Apple iOS 10: How To Add Someone To Group Chat

Earlier, we explained how you can leave a group chat message on iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad. But what about adding a person to a group iMessage after it has already started on iPhone and iPad? The latest version of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad allows users to add a person to the group iMessage once it has already started and not have to create a new thread. This method only works in group chat threads, and will not work if the conversation is between two people and a third wants to be added.

The following will help teach you how to add a person to a group iMessage without having to create a new message thread. It’s important to note that the following method only works if everyone in the group iMessage is on iMessage and not mixed between iMessage and SMS. So if someone is using an Android device or a third party service, you won’t be able to add them. Also, once the person is added to the group message, they can only see messages from the point they have joined and can’t view anything that was shared before they joined the group.

It’s a simple process, thankfully. No one wants to have to struggle with some long, involved process when they’re halfway through a conversation, and you certainly don’t want anyone else in the conversation wandering off while you sort through a dozen different tabs and menus. So luckily, you won’t need to do any of that.

How to add a person to person to group message chat on iOS 10:

  1. Turn on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the iMessage app.
  3. Select the group message that you want the person to be added to.
  4. At the top of the screen, select on “Details“.
  5. Then select on “Add Contact”.
  6. Select the person (s) that you want to add to the group message.
  7. Select “Done“.

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