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Apple iPhone X Keeps Turning OFF (Solution)

Apple iPhone X Keeps Turning OFF (Solution)

Apple iPhone X Keeps Turning OFF (Solution)

The iPhone X is seen as the best smartphone out there in the market but it is far from being perfect. After a while, the phone starts to ack funny and then poof, it suddenly reboots out of nowhere.When your iPhone X starts to reboot randomly, the best course of action is have your phone checked by a licensed Apple technician to figure out of the problem is software or hardware related or that the iPhone X that you bought is defective from the very beginning. That way you can have your unit replaced as soon as possible.


When your iPhone X starts to restart randomly, it can be a sign of a major malfunction on the smartphone. If you want your iPhone X to be replaced, check to see if it is still under warranty because it can save you a lot of money. But consult with an Apple customer support representative first to know your options when encountering such an issue with your phone. This will save you time on going back and forth to the retail store where you bought your iPhone X.

There are several reasons that cause the iPhone X to randomly restart, reboot or freeze. Some of the reasons are faulty apps, a defective battery, or a buggy new firmware. The instructions below will provide you with an in-depth walk through on how to fix a iPhone X that keeps restarting.

Another fix that you can try is to place your iPhone X in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is where your phone can be properly debugged by securely removing faulty apps that is causing the random restarts of your phone. To place the iPhone into Safe Mode, what you need to do is to first hold the Power and Home button simultaneously until the screen goes black then release the home button while continuing to hold power. Once you see the Apple logo-hold the volume up button until the springboard loads. If the device is in Safe Mode the tweaks will be gone under the setting menu.


The iOS operating system causes the Apple iPhone X to keep restarting

If you’ve determined that the cause of the random restarts is a buggy firmware that has been recently installed, what you need to do is perform a factory reset on the iPhone X. 

Now before you perform a factory reset, it is a good idea to make a backup of all the contents of your iPhone X in order to avoid any loss of data and information.

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