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The Best Browser Games [July 2019]

The Best Browser Games [July 2019]

Browser games are nothing like the typical computer or console games. They are usually very simplistic and easy to get around. You can pick them up and start playing right away. You do not need to install them, patch them, or meet insane system requirements just to be able to play.

These games used to be much more popular and even had big communities, but they got overshadowed by the advancement of technology. It is true, browser games will never even come close to PC games in terms of graphics or beauty, but they are still very fun and engaging.

Browser games can be multiplayer, single player, role playing, arcade, puzzle, or strategy – there is something for everyone. Read on to find something that suits your playstyle.

7 Best Browser Games

Before you start exploring different browser games, you should know the basic requirements which are necessary to play. As the name suggests, you need a reliable browser above all else. Google Chrome is recommended, but other browsers like Firefox can do the job as well. You will also need to update your Adobe Flash Player to the latest version.

That is all. It goes without saying you will need a stable internet connection, but that’s where the list of requirements ends.

Are you ready to start playing? Let’s go!

1. Travian

If you want to spend countless hours building your village, making alliances, and plundering the enemies’ crops, Travian is a game for you.

It has existed since 2004 and received many awards since then, which is no surprise because at one time it had more than 5 million players across more than 300 servers.  It is a PHP-based strategy game where you choose between Gauls, Romans, and Teutons.

Each of them has different perks and downsides. You will have to manage resources, build your village and your army, level up your hero, and decide who you want to attack and with whom you want to make alliances. It is an absolute blast and you should definitely give it a try.

travian register

2. Abobo’s Big Adventure

Abobo’s Big Adventure is a throwback to the Nintendo Entertainment System in its prime 8-bit era. You play as Abobo, a muscle man whose son was kidnapped. Obviously, you need to wreck chaos and punch your way through hordes of enemies to rescue him.

You will encounter many bosses and will have to adapt your playstyle to beat the obstacles. If you like old-school fighting games, you should check this game out. Do it fast because Aboboy is waiting to be rescued (that’s the name of his son)!

3. breaks the browser game visual standards and elevates them to another level. The controls are very smooth and easy to get used to. You just use your mouse to shoot and aim, and you use WASD to move your war machines such as a Warhawk, manta, or roller. You can unlock more of them as you rack up your killstreak. Needless to say, the higher the killstreak, the stronger war machines you can use.

You can think of it as a browser-based World of Tanks and World of Warplanes combined. It is very fun and easy to get into.


4. has very simple visual effects, but it is actually a very complex game. Think of it as Pac-Man on steroids. You start small but you increase quickly when eating the dots surrounding you. Being small is not a disadvantage; you can dodge bigger circles more easily that way.

You eat other players to grow, and you can split into smaller circles if you get too big. There are various game modes, with multiplayer also available. Once you get eaten, you have to start over from the beginning.

As an alternative, you can choose to play, which is nearly the same but you get to be a snake. This might remind mobile gamers of the Snake glory days.

5. War Brokers

If you are a First Person Shooter addict, War Brokers should be on your radar. You can choose between a battle royale mode and a variety of classic modes such as deathmatch, bomb disposal, and escort. It looks like a browser Battlefield because you get to control many different vehicles such as tanks and choppers.

This game is very user-friendly and it rewards you for playing. It is also challenging and competitive, so don’t get discouraged if you get shot in the head across the map numerous times. The controls are standard: WASD to move, right-click to aim, and left-click to shoot.

war brokers

6. Town of Salem

Town of Salem is similar to the roleplaying game Mafia, which is very fun at parties. There are different roles and each of them gives you different abilities. There is the good (townsfolk), the bad (the mafia), and the neutral.

The good need to find out who are the mafia members and prevent them from killing all the townsfolk. The night phase is when the mafia strikes and when you should strategize. This game is not easy to explain. Instead, it is best understood after trying it out.

7. Threes

Threes is something you should definitely check out if you played 2048. This one came before that actually. What you need to do is combine the number of tiles prior to the board filling up in order to get as high a number as possible.

There are some rules to it that add to the complexity, such as 1s only combine with 2s, 3s or higher can only be combined with the same tiles, and so on. As always, you will grasp it better when you start playing.

Game Time

Whether you’re a casual gamer or the hardcore type, playing browser games once in a while can be really fun. You can play some with your friends and rub your skill in their faces or play alone to relax after a hard day’s work.

What are your favorite browser games not included in this list? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below.

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