The Best Free Proxy Server Websites – Secure & Malware Free [April 2020]

Whether you’re trying to unblock certain websites at work or school, or just trying to access a geoblocked site in your area, proxy servers are a fantastic way to unblock websites. If you’re unfamiliar, proxy servers work as a literal in-between connection from your location to the website you’re trying to visit—in other words, a proxy. Hiding your true location and identity to the server you’re connecting to is something many people are after when they’re browsing, and proxies allow you to connect securely on a site-by-site basis.

Obviously, not all proxies are created equal, and you have to be truly careful when you’re using free proxy services. Some proxies aren’t as secure as many would like, working to use your personal data and invading your privacy in order to sell you ads, or to even steal your data for the benefit of advertisers. That’s why it’s always worth checking up on the privacy policies and terms of service before you use any proxy site.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite proxies still up and running in 2020, perfect for unblocking websites, hiding your identity, and making the web a little more secure. While proxies aren’t quite as fast or secure as VPNs, if you’re only planning on using proxies on a somewhat-regular basis, there’s no reason to pay for security. Instead, just rely on these five services, listed in no particular order, to improve your browsing experience.

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