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The Best Streaming Apps for the Xbox One [July 2019]

The Best Streaming Apps for the Xbox One [July 2019]

The Xbox One isn’t designed to be a media center, that’s what Kodi is for but the ability to use Windows apps on the console means it is capable of a whole lot more than Microsoft probably envisaged. There are apps for everything on the store and even more from unofficial sources. So what are the best streaming apps for Xbox One? Let’s find out!

Streaming is taking over and will soon be the default way we access content. No more expensive cable TV contracts, no more satellite contracts. It will all be online. That’s fine with me given the quality of the services we have right now and with more streaming services on the way, it’s a great time to be a cord cutter.

Streaming apps for Xbox One

If you have an Xbox One and want it to do more than play games, you’re in luck. It can do more. So much more. Here are what I think are the best streaming apps for Xbox One around right now.


Netflix is definitely one of the best streaming services out there right now. Available on most devices through a dedicated app or via a browser, the service may be shrinking but is still king of the streamers. You can acquire the Netflix Windows app from the Windows Store and it works fine on the Xbox. You will need a subscription of course, but who doesn’t have Netflix already?

Sling TV

The Sling TV app is another top contender for best streaming app for Xbox One. This is a very competent subscription service that offers live TV, sports, TV shows, movies and more from some of the largest networks from as little as $25 a month. More expensive than Netflix for sure, but you get sports and live TV along with everything else. If you’re looking to make the most of your Xbox and don’t have a smart TV, this is definitely an app to try.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video should also need little introduction. It’s a top class streaming app that has a variant available on the Microsoft Store. Another subscription service to be sure but in return for your $12.99 a month or whatever you’re paying, you get movies, TV, and more from some top names as well as original shows being made by Amazon themselves.


Twitch has an app that works on Xbox one and ties in nicely with gaming. The app mimics the website exactly and will show all the same videos, live gameplay, replays, eSports commentaries and everything you could possibly want to watch around gaming. The app is available on the Microsoft Store and works well on the Xbox.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers free movies and TV shows that are ad supported. You don’t need an account, you don’t need to sign in. Download the app onto your Xbox One and start viewing as a guest. Content is not as broad as the subscription services but it’s all free. There are commercials that cannot be skipped but that’s no different than broadcast TV so isn’t exactly a hardship.


YouTube is another streaming app for Xbox One that needs no introduction. It offers access to the huge repository of content we know and love. Most of it user generated but there are also movies and TV shows there too if you know where to look. The app does require you to log in to use fully but otherwise is free to use and works exceptionally well. You can upload directly from your Xbox too if you want to share gameplay footage.


Crunchyroll is also available for Xbox One and seems to work well. If Japanese anime is your thing then this app is how you get it legally. With a huge selection of content from most major sources, this is one of the best sources of anime anywhere in the world. It is a subscription service but offers a 14 day free trial if you’re not already a subscriber.


If sports are more your thing, the ESPN app is what you need. It shows Monday night football, college football, basketball, MMA and all your favorites and offers the same breadth of content the desktop and mobile app does. It requires the same login and perhaps subscription, depending on what you want to watch but is a top class source of sports streams.


If you want to stream content you already own, Plex is the app you’re looking for. It’s the same Plex we use on desktop and mobile and links to your media server to stream content from network storage to your Xbox One. It’s free and will play all your content seamlessly across a WiFi network. If you already have an impressive movie and music library then this is the app you want to enjoy it all.

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