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How To Cancel NatureBox

How To Cancel NatureBox

Tried a free trial of NatureBox and want to stop it? Bored of the snacks or want to try making your own? Here’s how to cancel NatureBox.

NatureBox is one of a growing number of services that send food to your door. This time, rather than healthy dishes or complete meal plans, it’s a box of treats. Low sugar, low fat, as natural as possible treats. You do of course pay for this convenience, currently $19.99 a month for five bags of different snacks. Different subscriptions are available at different price points.

There are hundreds of snack options that contains a mixture of lean meat, whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and as many natural ingredients as they can pack into them. The quality has increased massively over the past few years. I tried an early box and wasn’t impressed but now the selection and quality of the snacks has drastically improved.

Still, paying a monthly amount to have snacks delivered to your door is not only the ultimate in laziness but isn’t very cost effective either. So if you want to cancel your NatureBox subscription, here’s how.

Cancel NatureBox

As we have come to expect with services like these, it isn’t the most straightforward of operations to cancel NatureBox. First off, you are paying a $5 a month membership fee, which is nonrefundable. So you can cancel your membership but you won’t get that money back.

If you run a monthly subscription to NatureBox, you can cancel on the website. If you run a quarterly or annual subscription, you have to talk to someone who will convert it to a monthly and then cancel it for you. The good news is that all subscribers can pause or cancel online via the chat app.

To pause your NatureBox order:

  1. Log into your NatureBox account.
  2. Select Manage Subscription by hovering over your account name.
  3. Select Pause membership.

You can pause for up to four weeks before deliveries will begin again, useful for if you go on vacation or something.

To cancel your NatureBox order:

  1. Log into your NatureBox account.
  2. Select the ‘Need Help? Click Here to Chat!’ link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Tell the person you want to cancel.

You will need to do this at least five days before your next order is due or your billing date. It seems a long time considering the speed of modern banking and order processing but those are their rules.

I have spoken to a couple of people who have cancelled their subscription and they all said the process was relatively fast and hassle free. The person they chatted to through the app did it right there and then and didn’t given them any trouble or try too hard to convince them to stay.

Is NatureBox good value?

NatureBox charges $5 per month membership fee and a further $19.99 or so a month depending on your subscription plan. Is it good value?

Much depends on what you value most. Time or convenience. None of these food subscription services offer good value for money. You are paying for the convenience of the company doing all the work for you and shipping them to your door. It is most definitely cheaper to source healthy snacks yourself or buying fresh ingredients and making your own meals.

All that takes time and if you would rather spend that time doing something else, these services are designed for you.

The other consideration with food deliveries is freshness. While some secure their foods in airtight packages, none will be as fresh as if you made it yourself. As nutrients degrade the longer something is stored between being made and being consumed (except when frozen), freshness is a definite compromise when having food or snacks delivered.

Again, if you value time and convenience over value for money, NatureBox and services like it make sense.

According to reviews and people I know who use NatureBox, the product quality and variety has improved a lot over the past couple years without a corresponding price hike. This is a good sign as the company seems to have taken criticism on board and did something about it. While that doesn’t make the products inherently good value, the value proposition has improved with no extra investment required.

I personally would never buy a food subscription service. Healthy snacks are easy to make and cheaper to buy from the store and make at home. They are fresher too, which makes a lot of different to the nutritional value of many of the items. Nevertheless, they may work for you and you may get a lot of value from them. At least now you know how to cancel NatureBox should you wish to.

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3 thoughts on “How To Cancel NatureBox”

Jeff K says:
They updated now you can’t cancel their subscription unless you call, email or live chat

Possibly the sleaziest subscription method I’ve ever seen. They hide these 5$ USD charges for them to essentially keep you ‘retained’.

I wanted to order once and afterwards found out months later they were subscribing me

They also use a zendesk widget which is currently broken, email response of average 12 hours and a phone call based in san fran (whatabout international

Rose arsenault says:
Cancel my order I am going to the bank you longer can take money out thank you
Robin chavez says:
Plz cancel all further shipments
Limika Brooks says:
To much money
Rose arsenault says:
I no longer wont this product I

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