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Cinema HD vs Titanium TV – Which One’s Better?

Cinema HD vs Titanium TV - Which One's Better?

The whole world knows about Netflix, Hulu, and the other major streaming services. And that each requires a paid subscription. But if you’re not passionate about watching a new release immediately, a free Android-based streaming app can be a more than adequate replacement.

After Terrarium TV closed recently, other free streaming apps are rushing to take its place. Emerging as top contenders are Cinema HD and Titanium TV. But which is better?

Titanium TV

Titanium TV kind of sounds like Terrarium TV, doesn’t it? It’s probably not an accident. After all, Titanium is like Terrarium’s clone. It looks just like it, and functions pretty much the same. One of the best features of Titanium TV is that it works really well with Fire Stick, Fire TV, and even Android TV Boxes.

This app doesn’t host any files on its server. It grabs the links from all over the internet and arranges everything in a very organized way. Titanium TV has a dashboard that you can navigate from. You can access “Trending” and “Most Popular” sections and check out what other people are also watching.

Titanium TV also offers subtitles, which can be a pretty big deal when you’re silently trying to watch a movie. The apps itself is easy to download and has built-in player support. As well as external player support. You also get notifications about new additions to the library to remind you about new episodes of the shows you’re following. Or that new Tarantino movie you’ve been anticipating.

Titanium TV

Cinema HD

Even though Titanium TV is successor to the very popular Terrarium TV, Cinema HD might be winning the battle of free streaming apps. It’s commonly known as Cinema APK, signifying that it’s compatible with all Android devices. It’s been around for a while, and so far, there haven’t been too many issues with it.

Just like Titanium TV, the Cinema HD is a link aggregator and doesn’t host any content of its own. It does a great job of collecting and organizing content for the viewers. Cinema HD’s interface is kind of basic. Depending on the preference, that can be seen as a good thing or as a bad thing. Just like with Titanium TV, you can browse through the library and see all the categories available. You can check out the trending feature movies or just go through the genre list.

Previous versions of Cinema HD didn’t allow the use of external video players, but since December 2019, that’s changed. The newest update also allows you to access websites like YouTube Red. You can download movies with Cinema HD and watch them offline. When you select the title you want, just press download and the movie will be saved on your Android device.

Cinema HD

Any Other Options?

In case you’re wondering if there are any other options apart from these two, the answer is yes. You can check out CyberFlix TV, which is very similar to Titanium TV, if it doesn’t pull links nearly as good. There’s also Kodi, perhaps one of the most popular players available. It’s an open-source app with a lot of streaming add-ons.

Is There a Winner?

Titanium TV and Cinema HD run on the exact same principle. The point is getting access to a huge library of movies and TV shows, without much hassle and without paying. Both apps run the risk of accessing copyrighted material, so using a VPN is advisable. Both streaming apps require a third-party download and they can be used with Fire Stick.

When it comes down to it, you’d be smart to use both. Here’s why. Streaming apps like Titanium TV and Cinema HD are notoriously unstable. For now, everything seems to be working fine. But developers might pull one or the other at any time. Also, if one crashes, the other one could pick up the job and carry on. In case you’re using the Fire Stick as your primary source for streaming content, you could opt for Titanium TV first, because reportedly it works well with it.


Watching Movies Made Easy

For the convenience of free content, you get have to go through a little bit of trouble. But it’s worth it. Whether you pick Titanium TV or Cinema HD as your favorite free streaming app, you’re presented with a lot of entertainment. There’s a chance one or the other will work better with your Android device, but ultimately, they’re very similar.

Which one of these two do you think is better? And why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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