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How To Clear The Cache On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How To Clear The Cache On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The most common problem about having a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the Android operating system. This is also a sensitive one but we’ll give you two different troubleshooting methods to fix it. Fixing the bugs after the update or other problems with the software has a great possibility for fixing this issue on your Samsung Note 8. The two ways for fixing the bug is by performing a complete a factory reset or wiping the cache. But we recommend user to wipe the cache first so the files won’t be lost or deleted and it is best for fixing the delays, if the phone freeze or even for glitches. Just follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how you can wipe or clear the cache on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How to Clear the System Cache on the Samsung Note 8:

  1. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons simultaneously
  3. Wait until you see the Android logo on the screen
  4. After the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the two other buttons
  5. Once the list of option shows up, highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition” using the volume buttons to scroll up and down the menu
  6. Select “Wipe Cache Partition” using the Power button
  7. Choose again the “Reboot System Now” and use the Power button again
  8. Wait until the rebooting starts and check to see if there’s still bugs on the Note 8

How to Clear the App Cache on the Samsung Note 8

This method apply if you only want to clear the cache of a specific app which you think causes the issue on your Samsung Note 8. Follow the instructions to clear the cache:

  1. Switch on your Samsung Note 8
  2. Go to Settings from the menu screen
  3. Tap on the App Manager from the options
  4. Choose the app where you want to clear the cache
  5. Once you’re done selecting the app, check out for the App Info Screen
  6. Then tap on “Clear Cache”

If you choose to clear the cache for all applications, just go to Settings again from the menu screen and tap on “Storage”. Then tap on “Cached Data”. This will simultaneously clear the cache for all apps.
Be careful with the options because of you select to Clear Data, you’ll lose your information from the Play Store such as the username, password, preferences, settings, and game progress.

What to do When Clearing the App Cache Doesn’t Help

If clearing the cache doesn’t solve the issue on your Samsung Note 8 operating system, try to uninstall the application then  reboot the device. Rebooting the device will delete all the data and information stored on your Galaxy Note 8 so we recommend you to back up all the data first in order to prevent anything from being lost. This method is also same with the factory resetting your phone. Once you’re done rebooting the Samsung Note 8 and the issue still persists, we suggest you to Clear the Cache Partition now or the system wipe cache.

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