How to Solve Slow Internet Lag on Galaxy S9

It’s a known fact that none of the latest Android phones is perfect and this applies to Galaxy S9 as well. Many owners of the new smartphone have been complaining of cases of slow internet lag on the Galaxy S9 model. Several factors can make your phone to slow down freezing apps like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

We’ll explain a couple of standard reasons why this malfunction occurs before we reveal the few steps you can go through to fix this problem.

Common Reasons for Internet Issues on the Galaxy S9

  • Weak WiFi network
  • Low signal strength
  • Sharing your Hotspot with too many people
  • Browsing high traffic website
  • Simultaneously running too many apps
  • Internet cache is compromised or very full
  • Low memory capacity in your Galaxy S9
  • Browser software is outdated
  • The S9 firmware needs an update
  • Exceeding data speed limit

The reasons above are some of the primary cause of slow internet lag. If after you resolve this issues, it persists, try to follow the instructions below.

Turned Off The Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi

By default, your Galaxy S9 will still connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network even though the signal strength is fragile. Sometimes turning on and off your Wifi can give you a faster and stronger internet connection. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Turn on your Galaxy S9
  • Go to Menu
  • Tap on Settings
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Click the slider to turn ON/OFF the Wifi

Clear Caches on Galaxy S9

If the method above didn’t resolve the issue, try to wipe the Cache Partition. Clearing the cache will not delete any of your files, so this is a perfect idea for users that are afraid of losing their data. You can follow this instruction on how to wipe Cache Partition on Galaxy S9.

Scan your Galaxy S9 for Malware

The last fix we can suggest if clearing the cache didn’t fix the issue would be to test your Galaxy S9 for malware. Search for malware scanner on Google Play Store, most of the time they are free. To be safer, we recommend you read reviews before downloading any app; it can help you decide if the app is working or compatible with your device. First, clear the cache after detecting malware on your Galaxy S9.

You can also do a factory reset on your Galaxy S9 to return it to default working state. Note that this method will wipe all your files, so it is essential that you backup your valuable data.

Get Technical Support

If after you tried all the method over the problem persists, we advise you take your Galaxy S9 to a technical professional. In most cases, a technician can resolve this issue.

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