Why You May Want to Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9

How to Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9

To disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9, head to Settings > Cellular. The contents of this menu will depend on your carrier and the number of apps installed on your iPhone, but scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an entry for Wi-Fi Assist. Tap the toggle switch to set it to Off (white).
disable wi-fi assist
That’s it; there’s no need to restart your iPhone or change any other setting. Your device will simply behave as it did prior to the iOS 9 upgrade and will only switch to a cellular data connection when it completely loses its Wi-Fi signal. If you ever want to turn Wi-Fi Assist back on, just return to Settings > Cellular and toggle the switch back to its default On (green) position.

5 thoughts on “Why You May Want to Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9”

Suzanne Neamtan says:
Hannes that comment was unkind and uncalled for
Erik Sørensen says:
I have no Wi-Fi assist setting on my Iphone in settings IOS 9:01
skate_08 says:
Me neither. Now I’m all afraid it’s going to appear at some point and I won’t know about it!
WatWat says:
This feature achieved the absolute opposite for my iPhone 5. My router is actually in the 2nd floor and for years, I’ve had a “good enough” signal in the ground floor (good enough, i.e. browse the web, and even watch HD youtube without a problem).
But now on iOS9 it is constantly dropping WiFi on the ground floor, because apparently it’s not good enough for iOS… Funnily enough the cellular reception there is crap and MUCH slower than the wifi, let alone I don’t have an unlimited data plan.
I know for sure that it’s not the router because a) it’s been working fine for the past year and more and I’ve been chaning absolutely nothing except upgrading my iPhone to iOS9 and b) my SO’s iPhone 4S still on iOS8 works perfectly on the wifi, so there you go… crap feature. At least right now, maybe they’ll update it to make it work better.
Sheila says:
An Apple tech told me years ago to be careful when using WIFI because while the phone will automatically switch to cellular data while watching a YouTube video for example, it will not return to WIFI on it’s own. In order to get back to WIFI, he told me I would have to actually close out that session (by double tapping the home button and swiping the app closed) and restart it. He also told me that this is the case even if the WIFI icon reappears as active at the top of your phone. The WIFI is active for any new sessions but not for that particular video you are watching. That was about 3 years ago; but I’m assuming that is still the case which is all the more reason to disable this setting. There are times I might like to utilize it, but I’ll just turn it on as needed.
zippinglou says:
Thanks for the tip.

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