How to Turn Subtitles On or Off on Disney Plus

Posted by Arch on November 15, 2019
Disney Plus how to Turn on or off Subtitles

When someone says that they have watched a movie with subtitles, they are almost exclusively referring to a foreign movie. Why else would you need subtitles?

Well, it has become increasingly popular to use subtitles even when you’re watching something in English. Subtitles are a text alternative for what is being said in the video. Streaming services like Disney+ offer this option to its viewers to secure an enjoyable experience.

Disney+ Subtitles and Various Platforms

Disney+ is available on a wide range of devices and here’s how to turn subtitles on and off on some of them.

Amazon Fire

In case you can’t turn on Disney+ subtitles on your Amazon Fire TV, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Play the video you want to watch.
  2. Use your Fire TV remote or Fire TV App. Press the “Menu” button.
  3. Choose “Subtitles and Audio.”
  4. Then choose the “On” option under “Subtitles and Captions.”

If you want to turn off the subtitles, go back to the “Subtitles and Audio” and after you select the subtitles you’re currently using, select “Off”. The menu also allows you to customize the subtitles language, as well as text size and numerous other options.


Here’s how Roku users can toggle subtitles on and off:

  1. Press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.
  2. The Options menu will appear on the left side of your screen.
  3. Select “Closed captioning” and use the directional pad to alternate between On/Off/Always On/On Replay options.

LG Smart TVs

LG Smart TV users should follow these steps:

  1. Grab your remote and press the Home button.
  2. Click on the cog icon in the top-right corner.
  3. You’re in “Settings,” now choose “Accessibility” and then “Subtitle.”
  4. Highlight the “Subtitles” section and select “On.”

PlayStation 4

It’s been only a few days since Disney+ has become available. The announcement that it was finally here caused a lot of people to rush in and try it out.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 users have reported that there were a lot of issues with subtitles and captions, such as them being slow and delayed. Others complained about the lack of options for text size and background opacity, as well as the subtitles often floating on top of the screen.

Some even said that they couldn’t’ change the subtitles at all, that even after they did so on their pc, the changes wouldn’t appear in PS4.

One of the suggested fixes for subtitles/captions problems on PS4 looks like this:

  1. Launch the “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to the “Accessibility” section.
  3. Then, go to “Closed Captions.”
  4. Enable closed captions there.
  5. Disable the option that says “Show Closed Captions as Specified by Content.”

Let us know in the comments below if this fix worked for you and enabled you to customize your subtitles and captions.

Why Should You Be Using Subtitles

For a lot of people who stream content on a daily basis, having the option to turn on subtitles is implied. Especially if streaming is the only way they watch TV.

Give them a try and odds are, once you start using them, you won’t go back. Here are some of the reasons why you won’t stop using subtitles even when watching content in English.

Noise Will Bother You Less

By noise, we mean the crunching sounds of your chips and popcorn. Not to mention the chewing sounds of the friend sitting next to you. You won’t have to “shush” them, and then get annoyed about the dialogue that you’ve missed.

You’ll Understand More

Yes, you speak English, but accents differ and some people talk too fast, while others are too quiet. You’re constantly straining your ears, trying to catch everything. Plus, there’s no way you picked up or understood every word.

Finally, you’ll get the lyrics of every song on the screen so that you can sing along. Just think about “I Can Show You the World” from Aladdin.

Learning Languages

Not only watching a foreign film will get you introduced to a new language and maybe inspire you to learn more of it, but you can also do it the other way around. For example, play an episode of The Mandalorian and turn on foreign language subtitles to learn the language faster and challenge yourself.

Subtitles on, Subtitles off

If you watch a movie or a TV show with subtitles, there is a greater chance that you’ll remember the names of characters and places. However, subtitles will always be completely unnecessary and even annoying to some. But, for others, they’ll be a major discovery.

Let us know what you think about how Disney+ handled subtitles on your platform. Also, we’d like to know your opinion on subtitles on English movies and TV shows.


18 thoughts on “How to Turn Subtitles On or Off on Disney Plus”

Arene says:
I have a smart TV and can’t get subtitles off on Disney +. On my TV close caption is set to off.
Mattwo says:
What about PC?
Ed Middlebrook says:
Dec 4, 2019: your solution for LG TVs did not work on my LGOLED65PUA.
David A. Fink says:
With Disney + on FireStick the menu does not appear.
Jody says:
We couldn’t get the subtitles off that appeared only on certain shows. We have a roku remote and this fix worked for us!
Dennis says:
For Samsung Smart TV, while the show is playing, hit the up arrow on the remote, and then hit it again to go to the top right corner of the screen where there’s a small box. The SELECT button will bring up the audio/subtitle menu. Choose the options you want, then return.
Daniel Dykes says:
On a TCL Roku tv hit the home button, go to the Disney+ app, hit the * button and select update app. Even if it says your app is up to date it should be fixed.
Stacy Overby says:
Fix didn’t work on lg smart TV. Please help how do I turn off closed captioning? It’s not on everything just some shows
Saralyn says:
No fix for Samsung Smart TV?
Alex says:
I recently d/l the disney plus app on my roku device however I can’t get subtitles, the icon that some said appears in the upper right corner to enable them, doesn’t on my device, anyone else has the same issue? Anyone knows how to allow subtitles on the Disney app for Roku? I see an option if the app is d/l on tablets and phones but not on my TV.
Geoff says:
Fix for Roku does not work.
Chris M. says:
What about Samsung TVs? Samsung is not on the list. From what I have read, It seems like one needs to go through the tv itself to turn off closed captioning on Disney+ rather than the app itself. Maybe that will help me.
Simon Ross says:
On Roku, whilst watching the program, hit pause then hit Asterix. This will then give you the opportunity to turn the subtitles off.
Jennifer says:
Hit the home button then the up arrow above it and then the home button again to get the subtitles option screen.
Amber says:
LG Smart TV fix does not work.
Melissa S says:
Roku fix did not work for me either. My closed captioning is off on my Roku but the subtitles still appear within the app
J says:
For Lg smart TV pause video, then arrow down, then arrow up to icon in top right corner. Subtitles option is there.
Ariel Hill says:
I cant even apply subtitles on it.
Steve says:
No the fix on playstation 4 for subtitles don’t work
Chris says:
Your Ruko fix does not work.

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