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The Best Places Online to Find Dual Monitor Wallpapers

The Best Places Online to Find Dual Monitor Wallpapers

It used to be that you could tell a true Windows power user by their deployment of multiple monitors on their computer system. These days, however, even basic consumer-level PCs readily support multiple monitors, and with the screens themselves at staggeringly low prices, why would you use only one monitor? If you already have such a setup or are thinking of going in that direction, then you are probably in the market for some attractive dual monitor wallpapers, and this article is for you.

Most desktop wallpaper websites offer single screen images. That’s great if you want a different image on each screen but not so good if you would like a coherent theme across two or more monitors. Fortunately, a number of websites offer dual monitor wallpapers that are worth checking out.

Here are just a few websites that offer wallpaper that you can use across dual monitors:

WallpaperFusion Wall Paper For Dual Monitors

WallpaperFusion has a massive collection of wallpapers in all sizes that you can browse or search to find the wallpaper that you want. The site is responsive and the quality of the wallpapers is outstanding.

The site has wallpapers from genres running from cars to landscapes, women to outer space. Image resolutions are excellent, offering a lot of choice over screen size, HD, UHD and so on. You can filter your search by sizes and tags as well, to give you the most choices possible. If you have dual monitors and are looking for the perfect wallpaper, then WallpaperFusion’s a good choice though there are some alternative wallpaper websites to look at.

Dull Monitor Backgrounds (DMB)

DMB is a site explicitly to serve the needs of people looking for dual monitor backgrounds (wallpaper), so no prizes for guessing what this site specializes in. The quality of the backgrounds is pretty good with a huge range of subjects from games, movies, cartoons, landscapes and more.

Images are mainly one resolution and presented in a single image. You will need to select the left and right text link in the bottom left to be able to use them for backgrounds. You can search by category and by uploader’s username.

Imgur Dual Monitor Wallpaper and Backgrounds

You’ve likely already heard of Imgur, the online image sharing and image hosting site with the tagline “You’re already awesome!”

Well, Imgur Dual Monitor Backgrounds as a goldmine of images, including hundreds of dual monitor wallpapers. As Imgur’s wallpapers are uploaded by users it is a massively eclectic mix of comic book characters, landscapes, girls, boys, cars, guns, and pretty much anything else you can think of. You have to browse to find what you’re looking for, but the process of finding the perfect monitor background can be entertainment in itself.

InterfaceLIFT Dual Monitor Backgrounds and Wallpaper

InterfaceLIFT is, as the name suggests, all about the desktop. Ironically, a site dedicated to a great interface has a pretty boring layout, but it more than makes up for it with the depth and breadth of wallpapers on offer. The wallpapers here are mainly landscapes but they are awesome quality, many of which I have not seen before on other websites.

The site also offers user voting on the wallpapers, so you can see what submissions have garnered a loyal fanbase on InterfaceLIFT:

The best places online to find dual monitor wallpapers-2

Twelve South Dual Monitor Backgrounds and Wallpaper

Twelve South offers Mac-specific dual monitor wallpapers formatted to match the specific needs of Mac screens. The quality is excellent, the site simple and easy to use and the range of wallpapers, while limited, are inspiring and well done.

The site also has a useful tutorial on how to set up dual monitors on your Mac.

DeviantArt Dual Monitor Backgrounds and Wallpaper

DeviantArt is a massive website stuffed full of images uploaded by designers, photographers and users. It is truly enormous, and one of my go-to websites for inspiration of all kinds. Subjects and quality vary widely but the site offers the widest possible range of images to choose from. Like Imgur, the browsing is as entertaining as the finding.

Wallpapers Wide

Wallpapers Wide is another simple site that concentrates on quality. There is a huge range of wallpapers for every resolution here, covering everything from landscapes to sci-fi and everything in between. While it lists dual monitor wallpapers as its own category, the site classifies individual images by resolution so you need to know the total resolution of both (or all) of your monitors to get the right image size.

Social Wallpapering

Social Wallpapering, as the name implies, is a social resource populated by user content. Despite this, the quality of the images is excellent. The only downside is that dual monitor wallpapers are not categorized separately so you have to browse each image or manipulate them yourself to get what you need. In addition, as of the time of publication of this article, the search feature was down so browsing is really the only way to go through their excellent catalog.

The best places online to find dual monitor wallpapers-3

HD Wallpapers

While not a dual monitor specialist, HD Wallpapers includes many double and triple monitor wallpapers. Dozens of categories, lots of resolution options and a simple interface means you can have your wallpaper in seconds. Wallpapers come in a range of resolution options, so there is definitely something here for you.

Digital Blasphemy

I have been browsing Digital Blasphemy for years. Personally created and maintained by artist Ryan Bliss, there are some of the most creative and inspiring wallpapers anywhere. Many of the images are pay-only, but there are some beautiful free images available.


If you have the patience for the content carousel that is Pinterest, there are hundreds of dual monitor wallpapers, on literally every subject, genre and quality. You have to be logged in to view and download but if you’re already a member (or don’t mind signing in with your Google identity), it’s a great place to find inspiration.

Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper is a simple website offering good quality dual monitor wallpapers at a range of resolutions. The subject matter is generally confined to natural themes; animals, plants and flowers, and landscapes are the main offerings here. The site is fast, downloads are quick and overall, the website is well worth a look.

You might find one of these two articles useful: How to set up dual monitors on your Mac or How to set up dual monitors on your PC.

Do you have any suggestions on the best places to get wallpaper and backgrounds for dual monitors? If so, please leave a comment below!

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