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How to Find Lost / Stolen Pixel 2

How to Find Lost / Stolen Pixel 2

It’s happened to all of us at some point: having a phone lost or stolen. This can be a huge inconvenience, especially if it’s higher-end phone. There are several ways to track down a lost or stolen Pixel 2 however. Google includes an Android Device Manager (similar to Find My iPhone) with the Pixel 2. When setup properly, this can get your phone back to you in no time. This app is also sometimes called Find My Android.

Whether you lost your phone across the room or across the country, these tips will help you find it.

Quick Tips to Find Lost Pixel 2

A couple of things that need to be taken care of to make it possible to find your Pixel 2:

  • Tools for locating, accessing and securing your device remotely, like Android Device Manager and/or Lookout are essential for recovering a missing Pixel 2
  • Apps like AirDroid allow you to access your device remotely to retrieve files, access the camera and SMS messaging, and even activate the speaker

Loud Ring Mode To Find Pixel 2

If you are in the habit of misplacing your device around the house, leave it in loud ring mode. This way you can call or text your Pixel 2 and listen for the ringtone. There are also options for locking or wiping your device remotely, in case your Pixel 2 contains very sensitive data. For these options be sure to set up Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store.

Using Lookout

If you’re unable to use Android Device Manager for one reason or another, Lookout is a good alternative. It’s a good alternative with similar feature and a bit more added security.

Find Your Lost Pixel 2

Tracking your lost or stolen Pixel 2 is easy with Android Device Manager. Simply access your Device Manager page and track your Pixel 2. This process utilizes GPS, so be sure to leave location services turned on for any devices you’re tracking.

The GPS locate button will show you on a map where your device is. It’s important to note Google’s warning never to try recovering a stolen phone yourself, but to contact police for assistance. This process also requires WiFi or a data connection, so leaving those services enabled is important anytime it might be possible for your Pixel 2 to be lost or stolen.

Using Android Device Manager To Find Pixel 2

Since 2013, Google has worked to install Android Device Manager on all eligible devices, helping reduce the inconvenience of having a phone stolen or lost. Many phones are equipped with this software out of the box, but it’s important to double check that it’s installed and setup correctly.

On your Pixel 2 go to Settings > Security and Screen Lock > Device Administrators. These menus can be slightly different from one device or software version to the next, but look for general similarities if you get stuck. You want to turn on the toggle switch for Android Device Manager.

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