How To Fix Charging Problems On Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is an excellent smartphone, but expensive, meaning you have every right to expect the phone to work correctly out of the box. Sadly, technical hitches are a reality for every device. Some user of the Galaxy S9 has been complaining that they are experiencing charging problems on their smartphone.

Some owners complain that the Galaxy S9 will not turn on once it fully charged, and a problem with the grey battery. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process to solve the Galaxy S9 charging problem.

Fixing The Galaxy S9 Not Charging Problem

In this section, we’ll list some common reasons that prevent your Galaxy S9 from not charging.

  • The battery is damaged
  • You have a defective phone
  • The cable or charging unit is defective
  • The problem is a temporary phone
  • Your smartphone could have bent or blocked charging connections



Power Button Usage

Tap the power button on your Samsung Galaxy S9 to check and make sure that your Power button is not the problem before you do anything. Continue reading this guides if your Galaxy S9 does switch on after following this step.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reset

Reboot the Galaxy S9 to fix the charging problems. This method may be a temporary fix but still solves the Galaxy S9 charging problem. Read this guide on how to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S9.

Cable Change

Check your Samsung Galaxy S9 charging cable very well if it is working properly. Damage Galaxy S9 charging cable may be the cause of your phone not charging. We recommend using another USB cable before you go out and buy a new cable but if your Samsung charging cable does not work, then get a new Galaxy cable on Amazon.

Safe Mode Boot

Booting your Samsung Galaxy S9 to safe mode will help you determine if third party application is causing the charging problem. You can follow the instructions below to boot your Samsung Galaxy S9 to safe mode.

  • Turn on your phone
  • Click and hold the Power Button simultaneously
  • Wait until you see the “SAMSUNG” logo on the screen, then let go of the power button
  • Tap and hold the volume down button immediately after releasing the power button
  • Continue holding the Volume down button until the smartphone finished restarting
  • You will see the Safe Mode display in the bottom left of the screen once it restarts


Background Applications Closing

The slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S9 could be because of running background apps. You can follow the steps below to close all background apps.

  • Click and hold the Home button until you see apps that you’ve recently used
  • In the task manager, choose the “End all applications” option
  • When your are at “RAM” option towards the top of your screen, choose to clear memory


The instructions above will close all app running in the background.

Third Party Apps Uninstallment

If all the steps above do not work, then there could be a software bug on your Samsung Galaxy S9. Try and uninstall all third-party apps to check and see if your Galaxy S9 charging problems are solved. Follow the steps below to uninstall third-party apps.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Application
  • Tap on Application Manager (here you’ll see a list of all apps installed)
  • Click on the app you want to uninstall
  • Hit uninstall and OK


Perform a System Dump

A system mode dump debugged the panel of the phone. So many functions of the phone will start working back after you perform a system dump. Follow the steps here to carry out a system dump.

  • Go to the “Dialer” option
  • Type (*#9900#)
  • Tap on the “Low Battery Dump” located at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap on “Turn On”


Authorized Technician Help

We recommend visiting a Samsung technician to check out your Samsung Galaxy S9 if none of the method we listed above work for you. If your Samsung is still under warranty, you could receive a replacement unit if no solution to the phone.

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