Fix Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Dividing Long Texts Messages Into Parts

Texting is a common activity on any Android device and if you’re using your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone for that purpose, you will easily notice that it’s hard to stick to one text message. Otherwise said, exceeding the number of characters allocated per text message is common.

Now, your smartphone should be smart enough to send the message, divided in as many text messages as required, but in the precise order you have typed it. Otherwise, getting to read the last part of a message first will be a total mess!

Has your phone stopped delivering the text messages as it should, in the right order? Are you having troubles reading longer messages from other senders? Instead of trying to recompose the natural flow of a message, or trying to remind yourself to only send short messages, you would be better off focusing on how to fix your smartphone so that the problem will be gone for good, once and for all.

The first step, check the settings of the Messages app

Access the Applications tab under the general settings of the Samsung Galaxy S8 device. In there, navigate to Messages and tap on More settings. Look for the option labeled as Auto Combination and check its status.

If it is disabled, make sure you enable it right away so that the smartphone will know how to combine the messages it gets in one logical succession. If it is already enabled, there’s nothing you can do in here and the next step is to clear the system cache.

The second step, wipe the cache partition

The system cache of the Galaxy S8 device could be corrupted, in which case you will need to enter Recovery Mode and use a special wiping option to clear the cache. Clearing out the cache clears out any temporary data on the phone, which can help with glitches, lag, and freezing.

To access the Recovery Mode:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power keys at the same time.
  3. Let go of the Power key when you see the Samsung Galaxy S8 logo on the screen.
  4. Let go of all the keys when you see the Android logo on the screen.
  5. Now you have accessed the Recovery Mode and you are supposed to let it load properly and not do anything for up to 60 seconds.

To wipe the cache partition:

  1. Use the Volume Down key to navigate around.
  2. Highlight the option Wipe Cache Partition.
  3. Start it by pressing the Power button to select the highlighted option.
  4. Select the Yes option.
  5. Wait until it finishes.

To exit the Recovery Mode:

  1. Use the Volume Down key to navigate around.
  2. Highlight the option Reboot System Now.
  3. Use the Power key to select the option and initiate the reboot.
  4. Wait for the device to restart.

The final part will most likely take a bit more than your regular reboots, but when it’s over, the Samsung Galaxy S8 should enter its normal running mode and handle your text messages properly from now on. If it still doesn’t, take it to a service to get it repaired or replaced!

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