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How To Fix LG G7 Crashing And Freezing

How To Fix LG G7 Crashing And Freezing

Who loves playing on their LG G7? Then you might have encountered this situation in the past. You’ve just passed that level you’ve been trying to get passed for weeks now, and you’re on the momentum in passing the current level you’re in, then suddenly, BOOM! Your LG G7 suddenly stutter, then doesn’t respond after. We know. It’s a pain in the butt, and we think everyone had experienced that painful event too.

Lagging, or in layman’s term crash or freeze, is what happened to your phone. The truth is, numerous of factors may come in present as to why this event occurs. You cannot easily pinpoint a certain this, a certain that, to get it resolved.
In this guide, we’ll be showing you the RecomHub way of getting the lags on your LG G7 gone. But before proceeding to the steps we’ll be catering below, keep in mind that you should inspect whether you already installed the LG G7’s most updated software version. It’s because, at the utmost time, it’s the main culprit as to why it occurs. Now, if your LG G7 has already been updated, then let’s take the fixing to a whole nother level.

You Don’t Have Enough Space on your LG G7

The first plausible idea as to why it occurs is that the memory of your LG G7 is insufficient, giving your phone a hard time to process the data of that application. In order to resolve this issue, remove or uninstall unused or often used games or apps. Additionally, erase unneeded data on your LG G7 to increase your phone’s memory.

Go Easy on your LG G7’s RAM

All thing requires a hefty amount of rest in order to perform well. In the event you’ve disremembered to restart your LG G7 for a week, your games and apps start to lag immediately. The reason for this is that there’s a glitch happening in your LG G7’s RAM, making your games and apps freeze. Give your LG G7 a rest for an hour or so and shut it down for a bit. Now, if this doesn’t work, then proceed to the following steps:

  1. Boot your LG G7 then tap the Apps
  2. Hit on the Manage Applications option (to invoke this option, sweep on the list then search for it there)
  3. Tap the game or app that keeps on lagging and freezing
  4. Hit on the Clear Cache and Clear Data option and you’re good to go!

Erasing Faulty Apps to Solve LG G7’s Lagging Issues

Sometimes, malfunctioning third-party applications will make your LG G7 stop or crash. We recommend checking the review of every application before you download it on the Google Play Store and to look if different people are encountering an indistinguishable issue from you. Note that LG won’t have the capacity to settle the totality of these applications, so please do note that the creators of this app are the person who should change their application. If at any time the application still makes you rLG G7 crash or stop, erase it with the goal that it won’t cause more significant issues later on.

If All Else Fails, Give you LG G7 A Factory Reset

The mother of all solutions for all your Smartphone queries, and we guarantee you, it won’t let you down. What it does is reset your LG G7 and returns its natural state just like when you first bought it from the store. It’s essential to remember that by performing this, all of your saved data and applications, together with your Google Account Settings will be totally erased. We advise that you create a backup for your files before proceeding to this. If you want to know the steps on how to do this, please read this article on how to factory reset your LG G7.

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