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LG V30 Won’t Turn On (Solution)

LG V30 Won’t Turn On (Solution)

Have you ever experienced the situation in which your LG V30’s buttons seem to act normally, yet its screen remains dim? Well, a lot of LG V30 users around the globe have experienced this, and they suspect that this occurs due to the failure of the phone waking up. The most notable method you can do in order to check this event is to charge your phone to make sure that the issue isn’t because your battery is dead. A lot of factors can result to this even and in this article, we’ll be giving you the methods on how to solve this issue.

Tap on the Power Button

First, you need to check whether the phone is powering up by pressing the “Power” button a couple of times. With this, you’ll be able to check if there are power issues within your LG V30. If this method won’t work, please continue reading this article.

Boot to Cache Partition Wipe and Recovery Mode

The steps below will enable your phone to enter the Recovery Mode:

  1. Long Press the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously
  2. Once the LG V30 vibrates, continue holding the Volume Up and Home buttons and release the Power button. The Recovery Screen will show after a few seconds
  3. Navigate with the Volume buttons to “Wipe cache partition”and select it by using the Power button
  4. Once the cache partition is cleared, your phone will automatically restart

To know further details about this matter, please read how to clear cache on the LG V30

Enter Safe Mode

Once you have entered the “Safe Mode”, your phone will run pre-loaded applications. It’ll enable you to see if a third party application is causing the problem. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Long Press the Home and the Power button simultaneously
  2. Once you see the LG screen, let go of your hold of the Power button then long press the Volume Down Key

Perform a Factory Reset

Another way to solve this issue is to perform a factory reset on your LG V30. f you want to know how to do this, go to this article how to factory reset the LG V30. Please note that before committing to this method, we suggest creating a backup for all of your phone’s data and files to prevent it from losing.

Go to a Technician

Note that if all else fails, we highly recommend taking back your LG V30 to the shop or store so it can be tested by a professional technician. Once the technician wasn’t able to fix the issue, a replacement should be given to you. We still suspect that the main reason this event occurs is because the power button of your phone isn’t working.

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