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How To Fix Slow Internet Lag On LG V30

How To Fix Slow Internet Lag On LG V30

LG V30 owners may often complain of problems with slow internet. Social Media apps, especially video-intensive ones like YouTube, will often respond poorly to slow internet.

The reasons for slow internet and pages not being loaded are varied. Here are a few reasoning of why V30 internet is slow. We’ll disclose the disparate means to patch a low Internet connection on the LG V30 below.

Typical Basis of Why the V30 Internet is Sluggish:

  • Weak reception or signal
  • Poor Wi-Fi
  • High traffic on a particular website, slowing it down
  • Overcrowding of the network
  • Background apps using data
  • Gear memory is cheap
  • Internet hoard is debased or chock-full
  • Refurbish the V30 firmware
  • Outmoded browser operating system or browser software requires an update
  • Surpass data speed ceiling or speed contraction is attain

Follow the procedures below for fixing the LG V30 sluggish Internet if after checking out to see the origin of the weak data compilation, you still can’t resolve how to fix it.

Examine V30 For Malware

Analyze to detect the malware on the phone if none of the above procedures support the poor Internet connection on the LG V30. You can digitize a free of cost application from the Store of Google Play.  A malware application that has superb feedbacks and assessments is suggested to install to have the finest outcome to improve the poor Internet complication on your V30.

Attempt cleaning the storehouse and cache on your V30 if a malware scan is distinguished. If the issue remains after that, carry out a factory boot on the V30 to recover all to normal. Take note that you should support all data and information to avert any input from being gone before doing a factory reset.

Free Caches on V30

The method above will resolve the poor Internet complication on the LG V30 in utmost situations. Accomplishing a “wipe cache partition” should resolve the problem of the V30 Internet being slow. This procedure erases no memory from the LG V30. All inputs and memories such as messages, videos, and photos are not wipe out and will be secured. You can complete the “Wipe Cache Partition“ capacity in the Android recovery mode. If you want to know how to free V30 phone cache, read this instruction.

Be Certain that the WiFi is Disabled on V30

Your V30 being affiliated to a poor WiFi signal is very typical. You should review it carefully to make clear that the WiFi is turned OFF. To go to the V30 setting of the Wi-fi, check the following:

  1. Switch on the LG V30.
  2. Tap on the Menu.
  3. Operate the Settings.
  4. Tap on Connections.
  5. Tap on Wi-Fi.
  6. Select the ON/OFF beside the Wi-Fi to shift the Wi-Fi OFF.

Contact Technical Support

We recommend bringing the device to a qualified technician. They can assess the physical functions of the phone. A technician can supply a substitute model after verifying damage to the phone.

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Dec 11, 2017

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