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How To Fix Quick Draining Battery On Huawei P10

How To Fix Quick Draining Battery On Huawei P10

The newly released Huawei P10 flagship smartphone is an excellent device although users have been complaining about how quickly it drains its battery.

A quickly draining battery can be as a result of some specific apps or software being run on your smartphone which you need to get fixed. The following guide should adequately guide you on how to prevent your Huawei P10 battery from draining very quickly.


Fix the draining battery by disabling Bluetooth, LTE and Location

Internet services such as LTE, Bluetooth and Location Tracking usually drains your battery on your Huawei P10. You might need these services on some occasions but during the times when you do not need them, it is recommended to turn them off.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to disable these services, you should then put your device into a power saving mode. Once you put your smartphone in the power saving mode, your phone will wake up only when necessary such as during Navigation.


Use the Power-Saving Mode on your Huawei P10 

The “Power saving mode” is a feature with some amazing options which can help you to fix a dying battery on your Huawei P10. You can make use of the background data restricting options.

Turning off the GPS and the backlit keys as well as limiting the screen frame rate also helps to limit performance and thus saving on the battery life. There is an option to automatically or manually start the Power saving mode.


Disabling Wi-Fi Connection

Your Huawei P10 battery will die much faster if you leave the Wi-Fi connection on for the whole day. Since you do not use the Wi-Fi connection every time, it is recommended to switch it off whenever you are not using it to save on your battery.

You can also disable the Wi-Fi connection when using LTE/3G or 4G connection. The Wi-Fi kills the battery on the Huawei P10 if it’s turned on all day. Most people


Disabling and Managing Background Sync

When using apps, you should know that they contribute to the fast draining of your battery. To fix this issue, switch off the apps whenever they are not in use. Simply pull down quick settings and use your two fingers to swipe down then click on Sync so as to disable it.

Alternatively go to the Settings menu and then from here you can disable the option for Sync. Additionally, you should notice the improvement in your battery life after disabling the background Sync for Facebook.


Reset or Reboot your Huawei P10 to boost Battery Life

You may opt to factory reset your Huawei P10 if its battery is being drained much faster. Factory reset also allows you to give your smartphone as fresh start. Read further on how to reboot & reset the Huawei P10.


Limit the amount of Tethering

It is also a good idea to limit the tethering done on your Huawei P10 smartphone. Although tethering comes in-handy when you want to connect your device to the internet it can be discouraging to use because of how quickly it drains your battery. Reduce how often you use tethering so as to save massively on the battery capacity of your Huawei P10.


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