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Fixing GPS Issues On Galaxy Note 8

Fixing GPS Issues On Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are considered to be among the best smartphones in the market right now. However, these smartphones come with their problems too. Even the best smartphones have their issues too. The common problems that arise on a Galaxy Note 8 include dealing with GPS issues or the lock issues that are common apps on these smartphones.

If you are experiencing similar issues of not knowing the accurate positioning on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You should first consider checking these out.

Ways to check for GPS problems on your Galaxy Note 8 GPS.

Switch to the High Accuracy mode
You will need to switch on your GPS mode; your device will be able to pinpoint the location easier. You should first check to be sure if you can alter the settings. This process works most of the time, so you can completely trust it.

1. Locate Settings
2. Click on Location (make sure it is activated)
3. Click on the High Accuracy option.
2. Try Downloading the GPS Status and Toolbox

This app gives you access to a lot of options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This option provides everything that you need to know about your GPS settings, from your GPS sensors to your GPS data including your smartphone signal strength, acceleration, your battery status and other features.

Other tools include the option of marking and sharing your location, using the compass and leveling tools. You can enjoy all these tools by using this guide here.

Using the Clear the cache option from other apps that use the GPS
If the problem persist after trying the above method on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This can be as a result of 3rd party apps that you have downloaded and installed on Google Play Store that works with your GPS. Using the ‘wipe cache partition’ option should be able to solve the issue:
1. Locate settings on your smartphone
2. Click on the Application Manager
3. You can now tap on ‘Clear Cache.’

Using a hard reset/factory reset option on your Galaxy Note 8
The hard reset option which is also known as the factory reset. This process will wipe off your data, files, and everything that you have on the device. Let this be your last option after trying all the above methods, and the problem persists.

Backup your files before you try this method:
1. Locate Settings
2. Click on ‘Backup & Reset’ option
3. Click on ‘Reset Device’
4. Click on ‘Erase everything.’

After carrying out this process, you should make sure that you do not download the same rogue app that caused this issue in the first place.

Using a GPS test for the satellites and decide accordingly
If the problem persists after using all the above methods, you can use the GPS test to ascertain the issue. The test will compare the satellites you are using on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with other users. If you are the only having issue on your smartphone, then it is highly possible that you have a problem with your smartphone hardware. I will suggest that you take your smartphone to where you a bought it or to a retailer where it can be checked for physical damage.

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